Shock News : The Climate Was Never Stable

Droughts are always followed by floods, and floods are always followed by droughts.

ScreenHunter_1020 Sep. 28 07.49

Climate at a Glance | Time Series

This terrifying pattern has been going on since at least the 18th century!


Charles Darwin even wrote that climate change was an essential part of the evolutionary process.


ScreenHunter_1050 Sep. 28 20.11

From The Origin Of Species page 83

Political leaders and leading climate scientists hope that world communism can stop the climate from doing what it has always done.

And these industrial grade scientific morons call us deniers.

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4 Responses to Shock News : The Climate Was Never Stable

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    In another terrifying discovery, scientists at the University of East Anglia have determined that when calibrated against the population scores, exactly 50% of the people in 18th century world did have an IQ below or equal 100. The research team of Dr. Phil Jones has been reanalyzing his Microsoft Excel algorithm and the astonishingly precise distribution of the resulting output data for the last 19 years and is expected to publish their findings in October 2013.

  2. Pathway says:

    Political leader could give a rats ass about climate change or anything else as long as it leads to more control over the People.

  3. Phil Jones says:

    Oh!! Terrific find!! Hero Darwin remarks on climate observations in his own time!! Time for the REAL Deniers to evolve…

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