Warming Pause Is Actually 22 Years

In June 1991 Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted, and blocked sunlight entering the Earth’s atmosphere for 3-4 years – causing large scale global cooling. The summer of 1993 was the coolest on record in the US.

ScreenHunter_1016 Sep. 28 05.51

At the time of the eruption, the RSS satellite global temperature anomaly was almost twice as large as it was in August 2013. The graph below plots RSS annual temperatures vs. atmospheric CO2, with the Pinatubo cooled years 1992-1994 removed, and using only the most recent month of incomplete year 2013.

As you can see below, there has been essentially no warming since CO2 was 355 PPM in 1991, and temperatures peaked at 365 PPM.

ScreenHunter_1015 Sep. 28 05.50


NASA satellite temperature data completely nullifies the basis of the recent IPCC report, and the very existence of McKibben’s 350.org organization.

Bottom line is that there has been almost no global warming since the IPPC’s first report. They are trying to buy time with their lies, but the scientific game is over and they have lost.

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3 Responses to Warming Pause Is Actually 22 Years

  1. I have been saying as much, here and there in the blogs, for nearly 4 years (since the spring of 2010), most recently on this very site.

    • For example, there is a comment by me, from February 2012, on Roy Spencer’s site, and I made the following comment on the Hockeyschtick site on July 31, 2011:

      “The proper point to be made, and as I have commented on other sites, is that the data points in 2011 so far follow almost exactly those in 1991. The global tropospheric temp anomaly from satellite (see Spencer’s site) is also right at the 1991 level. The world is replaying 1991, so forget 1998 and the ‘this decade is hotter than the last’ chanting from believers. It is 20 years ago, again.”

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