Decayed Arctic Ice In Much Better Shape Than 2006

July 25, 2013

Barber said the ice is getting so weak that new categories have had to be created for it. “We have a whole new class of sea ice in the Arctic, which we’re calling ‘decayed ice,”‘ he said.

Summer cyclone chewing up Canada’s Arctic sea ice | CTV News

Barber’s decayed ice can be compared vs. 2006 below. Green shows the large increase in western Arctic sea ice since 2006. Red shows ice present in 2006, but not present today.

ScreenHunter_1081 Sep. 29 17.19

Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

Most of the red ice was lost during the winter of 2006-2007 as it was transported out the Fram Strait. By contrast, the new green western Arctic ice will get very thick over the winter and be much harder to melt next summer – making climate alarmists even more angry and irrational, and causing them to say even stupider things to gullible members of the press corpse.

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17 Responses to Decayed Arctic Ice In Much Better Shape Than 2006

  1. Gamecock says:

    So what words will they use next year, when they announce, “It’s worse than we thought!?” Will rotten, decayed ice become putrid, gangrenous ice?

  2. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    Interesting, in 2005 there was alot of western sea ice just like this year. Apparently that didn’t stop a big melt two years later. And 2005 had much thicker and older ice than we do now. Its not surprising you have to grasp at these straws given what happened last year.

  3. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    But as you keep claiming, that eastern ice apparently doesn’t matter. Make up your mind! In 2005 there was more ice in the Beaufort and CAA.

  4. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    Look at a map Steven and find the 0deg/180 deg longitude line. That splits the earth into an eastern and western hemisphere. Look at the E Siberian sea and tell me which hemisphere its in….


  5. Atowermadeofcheese says:

    Iceland isn’t even in the arctic! Its south of the arctic circle. lol. Keep digging!

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