IPCC Officially Erases The MWP

IPCC participant Jay Overpeck said in his email to Professor Deming, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”


They have done just that, and renamed it the Medieval Climate Anomaly

New paleoclimate reconstruction efforts since AR4 (Figure 5.7; Table 5.4; Table 5.A.1) have provided   further insights into the characteristics of the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA; Table 5.1)

almost all reconstructions agree that each 30-year (50-year) period from 1200 to 1899 was very likely colder in the NH than the 1983–2012 (1963–2012) instrumental temperature.


Apparently the Earth has warmed more than five degrees since 1973, using Hansen’s tampered UHI infected data.

ScreenHunter_169 Feb. 10 06.50

Evening Times 

In 1990, the IPCC knew nothing about this amazing five degree warming. Somehow the entire IPCC organization had missed the fastest warming in the history of the earth, until Mikey Mann discovered it a decade later.

ScreenHunter_1140 Oct. 01 05.10

First IPCC report

Even Time Magazine used to know that there was an MWP

In the heyday of the Vikings, before 1300 A.D., the populous republic of Iceland lived largely by agriculture; the Norse raised sheep in Greenland, where no sheep graze today. After 1300, the cold crept down and the Icelanders gave up farming. The Greenlanders were exterminated, perhaps by starvation, perhaps by glacier-fleeing Eskimos. Now that the tide has turned, Dr. Ahlmann, a good Norseman, hopes the warm cycle will last for at least a few centuries.


Another possibility is that the IPCC is a criminal organization pretending to do science in order to push political objectives.

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9 Responses to IPCC Officially Erases The MWP

  1. Ed says:

    Are you trying to make an argument that climate has always been a changing thing? What really disturbs me is when so-called scientists try to use data that they have constructed by assumptions and sometimes outright lies to make their point. The notion that we actually know what the temperatures were centuries ago in global encompassing locations is absurd. The only constant in our lives is change and that will continue.

  2. gator69 says:

    Reconstructions vs instrumental. Of course those recons will show a strong UHI signal. I see Mikey’s red hand prints on this.

  3. Lance says:

    we can’t figure it out, so we will call it an “Anomaly”, since only CO2 dictates what happens….

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    Concurrently, the IPCC renamed the incomprehensible and disturbing right side of the IQ bell curve to Modern IQ Anomaly and erased any further evidence of it from its Fifth Assessment Report.

  5. T says:

    It appears they need to make their case for continued hysteria instead of telling the truth. No conspiracy here, lol. The best way to pull off a conspiracy is to mock one. People are more concerned with being among the popular crowd as opposed to learning what is really going on. Well, it’s right in front of your face. Get it together. Peace.

  6. farang says:

    Read Professor Robert Schoch (geologist from Boston College), the fellow that re-dated the Sphinx through scientific methodology: rainfall erosion data, in his new book called “Forgotton Civilization”, chapter 8. Cosmoclimatology.

    Scientists talking about “global warming” caused by man are not “incorrect” so much as they do not consider the SUN influences our weather patterns, the stars influence our weather patterns and something awfully powerful in the center of our galaxy, a Black Hole or a Megnetar, exposes the Earth every 13,000 years or so with enough radiation (x-ray, infra-red, photons, plasma) that it equals 10,000 years of the SUN energy that reaches Earth….in 10 SECONDS.

    Killing everything it hits, instantly. The Pleistocene ended in DEATH.

    Man can influence “microclimates”, but nothing he can do can counter the Sun’s influence, period, end of story. In seconds, these SME events can bombard us with carbon equal to 500 million cars driving 100 years without stop. In other words: if there is no wind, and traffic is normal for LA: smog will occur, and breathing it is not exactly beneficial. But it will not kill off the life forms. SMEs =Shiva, the Destroyer. EVERYTHING DIES.

    Cosmoclimatalogy: remember that word. If you should see in the night sky, looking north, a bright blue/white light, 20,000 times brighter than any other star in the sky? Kiss your a$$ goodbye: it will soon be brighter and larger than the sun, and will stick around for 2-3 years. it looks like The Eye Of Ra. A blast of a photon wave is headed our way……..god help us.

    You see… these SPEs occur (Solar Photon/Plasma Events) every cycle of Precession. As of right now? We are entering the Ort Cloud, and will be bombarded with cosmic dust. We are @ 11,000 years into the 25,920 year cycle around our galaxy.

    Any. Day. Now. The last time it hit? Over Great lakes area, killed everything, exploded and created the Carolina, Texas and Louisiana impact craters, spread out like bomb fallout.

    Oh, btw, didn’t the news today tell us about a very near miss on our little blue dirt spot in the galaxy?

    So please, let’s stop the “weather reports”: they do not matter.

  7. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    Biggest denier of climate change is the Earth itself: http://bit.ly/19WhC2R

  8. Ivan says:

    MWP? What MWP?
    In the opinion of M. Auguste Bouchayer, scientist and engineer, there were no glaciers in Europe in the Middle Ages. In a recent communication to the Dauphine Scientific Society, he submits the conclusion that since the Middle Ages there has been a considerable fall in the maximum summer temperature. Consequently winter snows and ice accumulations which were formerly melted in summer are no longer dissipated.
    Mont Blanc, he points out, is under 16,000 ft. in height, and, as in the thirteenth century the maximum summer temperature was capable of melting snow and ice at a much greater height than that, there could in those times be no eternal snow on its summit. Glaciers, he adds, are dependant for their formation and existence on eternal snows; therefore, there can have been no glaciers on Mont Blanc in the Middle Ages.”
    August 1929

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