NOAA : 2013 Hurricane Season To Be Very Active

This summer will be remembered for the government forecast ice-free Arctic and the government forecast super-duper hurricane season.

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Of that 13 to 20 named storms, NOAA projects that between seven and 11 will achieve hurricane status (winds 74 m.p.h.) and above; and that three or four will become major hurricanes of category 3, 4 or 5 (winds 111 m.p.h.) or above.

2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be Extremely Active, NOAA Predicts

the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013

– John Kerry, US Secretary of State

John Kerry: We Can’t Ignore the Security Threat from Climate Change

ScreenHunter_409 Jan. 18 21.32

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

James Hansen : ‘This is the last chance’


“We see a tipping point occurring right before our eyes,” Hansen told the AP before the luncheon. “The Arctic is the first tipping point and it’s occurring exactly the way we said it would.”

Hansen, echoing work by other scientists, said that in five to 10 years, the Arctic will be free of sea ice in the summer.

NASA warming scientist: ‘This is the last chance’ –


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15 Responses to NOAA : 2013 Hurricane Season To Be Very Active

  1. Greg Locke says:

    c’mon, Steve! Why, NHC has named ten, count ’em, ten storms already this year. That’s way above normal for the date, dontcha know. And it’s ice volume that matters in the arctic, not your measures of area and extent. And even though we can’t accurately measure volume, you and I know that it is way below the norm, and that the ice will disappear suddenly next year. Dr Hansen still has five whole years for his prediction, made in 2008, to verify.You’re cherry picking your dates again. By 2018, everyone will have lost interest in arctic ice, and no one will be bothering him with his predictions. Instead, he will have moved on and developed a reputation as stellar as Paul Ehrlich’s.

  2. Andy says:

    Perhaps the US government shut those down too ?

  3. philjourdan says:

    With Jerry, they are half way to their 20 named storms! Of course they they are way behind on Hurricanes. Just a bunch of fish storms.

  4. Avery Harden says:

    The real curiosity here regarding the low level of hurricaines this year is why the air above the ocean where these storms form has been unusually dry.

    • But global warming increases the amount of moisture in the atmosphere ……. ROFL

    • Greg Locke says:

      It is a puzzling, and has Joe Bastardi a bit baffled over at WeatherBell. If i understand him correctly, he can find no analogs for this siuation where ENSO is neutral, water temps in the N. Atlantic are average or above and yet ACE is miniscule. No doubt our warmist friends will start referring to the situation as unprecendented, and revise the record to remove the names from all those dissipating thunderstorms they called tropical cyclones. That way they can enhance their claim of weather wierding.

  5. Ed says:

    And these people aren’t on performance-related pay because….?

  6. Larry Fields says:

    Warmist ‘scientists’ are like celebrity ‘psychics’. They make lots of predictions/projections, hoping that a few will pan out. They also hope that these will be sufficient to keep the gubmint ‘research’ grant gravy train rolling along. They conveniently forget about their failures.

    I must have blinked and missed out on the predicted ice-free Summer of 2013 in the Arctic. And how about the zero hurricanes that made landfall in the contiguous USA during the hurricane season of 2013?

    News flash! Real scientists test hypotheses by making predictions. When the hypotheses are falsified, out the window they go! Real scientists do not make lame excuses, like Trenberth’s claim that the missing heat from ‘unprecedented’ Global Warming is hiding out in the oceans. Puhleez!

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