Can Obama Restore The Climate Of 1924-1925?

The deadliest tornado in US history. Severe heatwaves. Severe drought in the US and Australia. Massive infestation of pine beetles. Hurricanes in Australia. Arctic melting ….

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12 Responses to Can Obama Restore The Climate Of 1924-1925?

  1. Avery Harden says:

    You throw up a lot of noise Steve, but you make your point unconvincingly to a critical mind. The pine beetle infrestation of Colorado is unprecedented. It takes a lot of years for those very slow growing trees to get the size they were. That amount of wide spread insect damage is a sign of warmer winters over a longer period of time. Your little antedotes are a weak response.

  2. Avery Harden says:

    Also Steve, you inadvertently put up your search links to your world wide sources. It was interesting to see how you find so much noise. I guess that is how Drudge, Huffington and all the others do it as well. You just put in your partisan keywords and up it pops. I wish people were permitted to get their news on their own without having someone do it for them with a partisan search engine. All said, I do respect that you haven’t cut me off yet. Most partisan websites don’t allow too much contrary input.

    • glenncz says:

      >Most partisan websites don’t allow too much contrary input.
      What you are mening to sayis most liberal, left progressive websites don’t allow contrary input because they wish to keep their followers DUMB!
      Come to this website often and take a history lesson.
      Sure… 1 part in 20,000 parts of the atmosphere changes from something to CO2 and that controls the climate.

    • scizzorbill says:

      You are free to get all the news by your own efforts you want. This website offers an alternative to the dumbed down liberal/progressive/Green propaganda machine. If there are some facts you don’t agree with, then point out them out and defend your position instead of whining about ‘partisanship’.

    • Avery, perhaps you can travel back in time and explain to them that our mild climate is much worse than theirs?.

    • Glacierman says:

      Not going to cut you off. Your presence is definately helping the sceptical cause.

    • Andy DC says:

      I am disgusted with both political parties. My disbelief in catastrophic global warming is based on my own lifetime avocation of looking at weather records that started before global warming became a political football. Somehow global warming has evolved into a Democrat vs. Republican issue. I look at it more as a truth issue and alarmists are not the least bit shy about stretching the truth. More than a little. If they have the facts on their side, why do they feel this almost pathological need to embellish?

  3. Don says:

    Avery Troll more like it. Steve often offers the links so people can check them for themselves.

    Where aren’t people “permitted” to do their own research? Sheesh……. Partisan search engine, LOL.

  4. Adam Gallon says:

    Very hot days, Melbourne, Australia.
    I think you’ll like this.

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