Can The IPCC Report End Global Warming?

The causes of global warming is two prong :

  1. Massive amounts of government money being fed to researchers to produce politically desirable results.
  2. Creation of a stigma which prevents private industry players from participating in atmospheric research. (i.e. evil fossil fuels money.)

This strategy has guaranteed that the  majority of players are producing ad hoc gibberish to meet the government’s objectives.

The good news is that AR5 is such a piece of shit, that it presents the opportunity to break the stigma and permit some actual science to be done moving forwards.

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18 Responses to Can The IPCC Report End Global Warming?

  1. stewart pid says:

    Is AR5 an unprecedented / worse than we thought POS??

    • It’s not unprecedented, since earth science has been based upon a false paradigm–uniformitarian and undirected evolution–since Darwin introduced it in 1859, in “Origin of Species”. The false “greenhouse effect” theory is just the tail of that worthless dog(ma), since it was brought into science as an “explanation” for the uniformitarian “Ice Ages” that were supposed to be responsible–in the “evolution” of the Earth–for sculpting large areas of the Earth’s surface. This IPCC “report” is only worse than you thought if you had any doubt before it came out that it WOULD be a POS–I, for one, had no such doubt; I fully expected it. I would say it is par for the course, over the last 20 years of politicized climate “science”. And it is on a par with the character and expertise of the Obama administration: A worthless, disastrous, and criminal fraud, that has suborned all of our once-authoritative institutions and the media.

      • Cheshirered says:

        Mr Huffman,

        I read your the end of the mystery blog the other week. Tremendous thread re the lack of GE. Great stuff.

  2. John B., M.D. says:

    They manipulated their graph to show that the pause in global temp increases falls well within their models. What a load of crap!

    Maybe the govt shutdown will prevent more data adjustments and propaganda production.

  3. Lance says:

    however, IF…we stopped the funding….their would be no money to put the data back to its ORIGINAL form, thus showing the TRUE global cooling that occured in the 50-70’s, and then actually see what the temps graphs should look like…and maybe..just maybe, they will adjust DOWN the UHI affects…forget it….someone with an agenda will get a hold of the data and just manipulate it to their desire…

  4. Avery Harden says:

    I wish yall were right and we could all just sit back and do nothing, but… Something else you all will eat crow on just in from the Washington Post.
    “But with national polls showing a majority of voters blaming Republicans for government dysfunction, Mr. Cuccinelli has a problem that worsens each day the shutdown continues and brings more economic pain to Virginians, analysts and Republican strategists said.

    Presumably mindful of the political reality in their battleground state, four Republican House members from Virginia — J. Randy Forbes, Scott Rigell, Frank R. Wolf and Rob Wittman — have broken ranks and called for a vote to finance the government with no policy strings attached, which would end the shutdown.”

    • gator69 says:

      “In our ongoing study we have, to date, identified 26 similar historical alarmist movements. None of the forecasts behind the analogous alarms proved correct. Twenty-five alarms involved calls for government intervention and the government imposed regulations in 23. None of the 23 interventions was effective and harm was caused by 20 of them.”

      Click to access ags2011congress.pdf

      Sometimes, well really, most times less is more.

      Go back to grazing with the rest of the sheep, Avery Hardhead.

  5. Another Ian says:


    OT but FYI

    Check out the comment by

    Tom G(ologist) says:
    October 2, 2013 at 12:40 pm


  6. I was thinking the same thing just a few minutes before you posted this…

    The IPCC really needs to let some real engineers who work on the productive side of the economy look at this stuff before they go off spouting nonsense that clearly demonstrates the staggering level of ignorance so common in their reports.

    The greatest reward of the $Billions spent so far is a huge collection of commissioned studies that say just what the client wanted, the result being that we have sciency sounding pseudo-cooked “data” supporting our conclusion no matter what end of the spectrum of whichever factor we happen to be looking at. This of course, has vastly increased the uncertainty of everything, and at the same time makes every opinion fully supportable by a study. Money well spent, if you’re a politician. But not if you actually want to know anything useful.

  7. R. de Haan says:

    Mother Nature can: Major snowstorm already?

    Here in NRW Germany the migrating geese from Siberia arrived today. They’re early this year.
    That could be an indicator for a cold winter.

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