Hemispheric Temperatures

Satellite data shows us that the two hemispheres always warm or cool in phase with each other, but the slope in the southern hemisphere is lower.

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The reason for this is simple, both hemispheres are controlled by ENSO and the southern hemisphere is buffered by more ocean and less land.

This is important, because Hansen has tried to erase the hot 1930s and 1940s warming and the 1970s ice age scare, by creating out of phase temperature data in the southern hemisphere. It can’t happen in the real world.


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13 Responses to Hemispheric Temperatures

  1. The southern hemisphere was on fire in the 70’s

    • Shazaam says:

      It didn’t apparently “cool” as much. Just as it didn’t “heat” as much later. Not on “fire”, just hugging the average or 0 deg temperature anomaly. Ocean temperature buffering at work.

  2. gator69 says:

    The Southern Hemisphere has less land mass, and less UHI.

  3. Chewer says:

    The number of contributions to hemispheric anomalies are numerous.
    The unmeasured specifications from the core of the planet to nine earth radii out have multiple interactions between heat transfer (molecular matter), electromagnetic transfer (atomic matter) and ocean currents (from depths to surfaces), air (within the 1st 6.1 miles of the surface), troposphere-to the lower Mesosphere (massive mixing to no mixing, based on conditional forcing) and of course the emissions from normal activity (solar O/P & phase, seismic & volcanic production, interruption of tropospheric air-streams, NAO, MEI, IO, AS, AMOC, PDO & AO…
    The climate models suck heavily, and the average knowledge seeker proves that every day!

    • Avery Harden says:

      So the folks over at NOAA, NASA and IPCC are “average knowledge seeker”? So you are in the school of thought that CO2 plays no role at all.

      • tom0mason says:

        CO2’s effect on global temperatures has been evident for the last 15 years. CO2 has gone up, global temperatures have not.

  4. The solar cycles don’t care which hemisphere of earth is having summer. Flip a coin and get 7 out of 11 heads, flip earth and you get 7 out of 11 northern hemisphere summers that happen when the sun is pissed off, northern hemisphere warms and southern cools. Southern hemisphere was hot 1978 to 1985 before the northern was just deciding to go from global cooling to global warming. Whatever the northern hemisphere does is “global” and whatever the southern does doesn’t count, because people are stupid. All the weather stations are in the northern hemisphere.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Progressive and recently unemployed “scientists” keep saying Australia is burning up. Ask anyone in Western Australia (one third of the continent) and you’ll hear them all say this winter has lasted longer than any they remember in recent years. Bring on summer…..PLEASE!

    Since Tony Abbott sacked the Aussie Climate Commission, they have started their own “work for the dole” scheme. Some dumbos are making donations to them.

  6. That Aussie link has the typical “123 extreme weather records broken, donate money” scare tactics. It’s unbelievable.

  7. Bill says:

    Steve, Had not heard about using different averaged years in SH to phase shift it. Do you have a link or more info to help me find it? Thanks.

  8. The alarmists use northern hemisphere data to show global warming, by comparing the 70’s to now. They ignore the southern hemisphere. Like Elvis on Ed Sullivan. But when they want the 1970’s cooling to disappear, then they magically discover the southern hemisphere. Cherry picking? That’s watermelon picking. What do they need to admit that the 1930’s ever happened?

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