Minnesota Summers Getting Much Cooler

Minnesota used to frequently go over 40ºC in the summer, but it has only happened once since CO2 hit 350 PPM twenty-five years ago.

ScreenHunter_1235 Oct. 03 13.12

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6 Responses to Minnesota Summers Getting Much Cooler

  1. gator69 says:

    Shooting on Capitol Hill…

    “Media reports say that the incident started when a woman attempted to crash her car through the barriers in front of the White House along Pennsylvania Avenue. Shots were exchanged with police and a car chase took events to Capitol Hill.
    ABC News says the female suspect is dead.
    CNN reports that a police officer was shot and MedEvac’d.
    The order for everyone on Capitol Hill to shelter-in-place has been lifted. NBC’s Pete Williams reports that the incident is “over.”


  2. Andy DC says:

    More disinformation, otherwise known at the truth for Mr. Avery to stick in his pipe. Those wonderful scientists with billions of dollars of grants at stake promoting hysteria would never tell a lie! Oh, no! Their work is the model of integrity. They are as pure as the wind driven snow.

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