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Fort Collins Summers Getting Shorter

The length of the snow-free season here in Fort Collins has dropped by 10% since the 1890s.   The IPCC says that winters are getting shorter and warmer.

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Understanding Bipartisan Transparency

Obama promised to end bipartisanship and lack of transparency. He accomplished this by forcing through a massive socialist healthcare monstrosity without a single Republican vote, or opportunity to see the secretly drawn up legislation prior to the vote.

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EPA Locates Dangerous Toxic Gas Source

New research has shown that baking bread emits huge amounts of deadly toxic CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Standdown Orders

When the US Embassy was attacked by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi, Obama gave orders to stand down and let everyone be killed, and then blamed it on YouTube. When 90 year old WWII veterans attempted to get to the their … Continue reading

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2011 : Obama Calls For New Era Of Civility In Politics

Obama Calls for a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics January 12, 2011 “At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all … Continue reading

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Understanding Interest In Obamacare

Obamacare proponents have been bragging that the system is failing due to too many hits overwhelming the computers. Amazing how a thug government forcing people to purchase a product with threats of fines and harassment by the IRS, and then … Continue reading

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Fill In The Blanks Of This Essay

_____ ______’s rise to power in ___ _______ is nothing less than astounding.  In a little over a year, one man completely manipulated an entire government and legal system to acquire a totalitarian regime.  What many are not aware of is how … Continue reading

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Terrifying Greenhouse Gases Which Power Your Chevy Volt

I can reveal for the first time, that massive amounts of EPA toxic greenhouse gases are generated every time you recharge your Government Motors electric car. These gases are darkening our skies and causing plants to grow faster. Tens of … Continue reading

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Government Will You Pay You $7,500 To Buy One Of These Fine $60,000 Cars

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Shut Down Government Agency Says That 2012 Was Three Times As Extreme As 1936

North Dakota had more than two hundred 40ºC readings in 1936, and none in 2012. NOAA says that 2012 was the hottest and most extreme year ever in the US, based on the facts that they tamper with data and … Continue reading

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