Law Of Conservation Of Left Wing Stupidity

ScreenHunter_1270 Oct. 04 11.11

ScreenHunter_1271 Oct. 04 11.11

Twitter / scottdodd: In age of climate change, doesn’t …


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16 Responses to Law Of Conservation Of Left Wing Stupidity

  1. phodges says:

    These people really are idiots.

    Global humidity, specific and relative, are declining.

    Doesn’t that alone falsify CAGW??

    • Jimbo says:

      Yes it does, but let’s just ignore it. No hotspot but let’s ignore it. No surface warming for 16+ years but let’s just ignore it.

  2. Mike D says:

    Is this brain exploded and he mixed up his disdain of dams with his fears of global warming. I guess he wants the polar bears to drown by letting all that water flow to the ocean.

    Maybe I’ll start a movement to ask governments to build more dams to stop the oceans from rising. Then environmentalists are going to have a mental breakdown having to reconcile their feelings.

  3. theyouk says:

    The stupid…it burns.

    These people are making me cringe “at an uprecedented rate…” If this continues I will be locked in a perpetual cringe…which I guess is what I’d be doing if I got a vasectomy, so I might as well get one–which I can finance by selling my gas-guzzling minivan. Problem solved, world saved.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Stupidium – is a chemical element with symbol Duh and atomic number 9 and 3/4. Stupidium is an almost colourless and odourless alkaline earth, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, becoming baby shit brown in color. Dangerously unstable when combined with left wing radicals. All isotopes of Stupidium are highly unstable, with the most stable isotope being stupidium 18, which has a half-life of 40 years and decays into brain deadium gas. Because of such instability, stupidium is dull, with a tendency to rotate in circles.

  4. Scott says:

    Well then by his reasoning, ocean levels should be dropping since it is all evaporating away. You should have commented on that, LOL.


  5. nigelf says:

    This Scott guy must have been listening to Tom Flannery. Isn’t Tom the one who convinced the Aus. Gov. that the reservoirs would never fill again and had them waste billions building a desalination plant that stands idle to this day because the reservoirs filled again and it’s not needed?

  6. Don’t worry more intense rainfall will make up for the increase in the evaporation rate….

  7. Don B says:

    Tim Flannery was the Australian Climate Commissioner who made those outrageous claims:

    “More seriously, Flannery in 2007 said global warming had hit Australia so hard that without desalination plants Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane could be out of water by 2009.

    “”Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems,” he warned.

    “Instead, floods filled dams in Sydney and Brisbane, and the expensive desalination plants hurriedly built in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are now all mothballed or scheduled to be.”

  8. Bill says:

    Yes, water is one thing that is really, really, scarce on planet earth. That’s why it is
    worth more than gold.

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