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Obama’s $2.6 Trillion Middle Class Tax Hike

Adding up CBO’s estimates for the different provisions in the bill, the president’s health care law will amount to at least $2.6 trillion over a true 10-year period (from FY2014–23)—not $900 billion. SBC Analysis Of President Obama’s Health Law – … Continue reading

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Global Warming In Colorado

When we first moved to the Front Range of Colorado in the mid-1990s, I used to brag to my parents about how mild the winters are here. But since the winter of 2006-2007, we have had a rash of very … Continue reading

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Hansen Forecast Peak Ice Loss In Antarctica

As Antarctic ice extent breaks its all-maximum time record, we must not forget that the world’s greatest climatologist predicted peak ice loss, right at the spot where they have had peak ice gain. http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/effects/downloads/Challenge_chapter2.pdf

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IPCC 1995/2001 : Declining Winter Snow Cover

Published: September 18, 1995 The picture of probable disruption, including adverse changes and some that are beneficial, emerges from draft sections of a new assessment of the climate problem by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and from interviews with scientists involved in the … Continue reading

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The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf Every Two Weeks

Two weeks ago little Barry told us that unless he bombed Syria, they were going to come gas Iowa, or something. It was absolutely the most serious situation the world ever faced. Then he completely forgot about it and moved … Continue reading

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What Happens If You Actually Run The Climate Models?

I run the radiative transfer model used by NCAR from time to time. It shows that increasing CO2 and CH4 have very little impact on the Earth’s long wave radiative balance. So why do alarmists keep claiming that these gases … Continue reading

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It Must Be The CO2!

Phoenix warmed 10 degrees in the last 50 years, while the less urbanized surrounding areas have warmed much less. It must be the CO2. The effects of the UHI are most pronounced during the summer (June-July-August) months. In a simple comparison, … Continue reading

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Karen Feeling Disorganized

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