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Blade points out that our genius friends blame warmth on Venus on 95% CO2, while ignoring proximity to the sun and atmospheric pressure – and they blame cold on Mars on proximity to the sun and atmospheric pressure, while ignoring 95% CO2.

Blade says:

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Great job Steve!

You roped in these two short-bus [gentlemen] Avery and Kyle, and hogtied them to contradictory arguments between Venus and Mars!

[GENTLEMEN] IN A NUTSHELL: ‘On Venus atmospheric pressure and closeness to the sun DOES NOT matter, on Mars it means EVERYTHING’ ;-)

Sagan single-handedly put the “pop” in Science and ruined a generation of otherwise normal human thinkers. The result is a bumper crop of [gentlemen] who are no more intelligent than the superstitious medieval alarmists ready to sacrifice the nearest virgin to stop a flood or plague or drought or comet or …

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6 Responses to Reader Comment Of The Day

  1. Fast Eddie says:

    You will be able to believe in the Global warming once you learn to exclude contradictory facts from your thought process. When you get to that point you will get a pseudo-science degree and become eligible for a guvmint job.

  2. Scott Scarborough says:

    Mars has about 14 times as much CO2 in it’s atmosphere as earth. It should be boiling hot according to green house gas theory! CO2 is the supposed answer to the faint sun paradox so Mar’s further distance from the sun should not be able to counteract all that CO2. The sun energy reaching Mars is not 1/3 less than the sun energy reaching earth.

  3. Scott Scarborough says:

    OK Mars sun is about 40% of earths. But it is so cold on Mars that CO2 freezes in addition to water. That is a far cry from the earth not varying at all with the sun 1/3 of its present intensity in the past. With 14 times as much CO2 on Mars it is obvious that CO2 does not have much to do with temperature.

    • And comparisons between Earth and Venus are foolish, as Venus has approximately 400,000 times as much CO2 as Earth. On top of the very large difference in insolation, there is a massive different in the total atmosphere — with no Earth trend toward an atmosphere increase at all.

      Moreover, the air is so thick on Venus that the CO2 at the surface is no longer a gas.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  4. gator69 says:

    They still won’t get it. One must be willing to let go of agendas to actually acquire knowledge contrary to one’s beliefs.

  5. Blade says:

    Blade points out that our genius friends blame warmth on Venus on 95% CO2, while ignoring proximity to the sun and atmospheric pressure – and they blame cold on Mars on proximity to the sun and atmospheric pressure, while ignoring 95% CO2.

    Thanks for the hat-tip Steve, but you did all the work! I’m just watching in awe as usual. It certainly does seem to be getting easier to snake the ClimateTards these days though. They must be light-headed from lack of oxygen due to all that CO2 displacing it. 😉

    Just to clarify for the n00bs, whenever Steve used to post at WUWT about Venus the kooks used to come out of the woodwork preaching Sagan, telling us it’s all from the CO2 and NOT air pressure and NOT closeness to the sun, therefore we’re well on our way to boiling like Venus. Steve would carefully demonstrate that the extraordinary high temps were due to immense atmospheric pressure at the surface, not CO2, and to do an apples-to-apples comparison with Earth you would need to go way up in altitude to where the pressure is equivalent.

    Here we have him pointing out Mars has an atmosphere of mostly CO2 and the kooks come running to say that it’s the lower pressure and further distance from the sun keeping it cold, inadvertently confirming what he said about Venus in the process while actually discounting the heat retaining ability of that mostly CO2 atmosphere.

    So in a nutshell, on Venus the ClimateTards say it’s all about CO2 and NOT air pressure or solar proximity, but on Mars IT IS all about air pressure and solar distance. I guess that magic molecule, CO2 just can’t prove itself under such harsh conditions. He He 🙂

    P.S. No offense meant to naturally development challenged people of course. I can definitely understand that they would be offended by being compared to the idiotic climate kooks and crooks.

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