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0.00 Warming With A Signal To Noise Ratio of 0.00 Increases Scientists’ Confidence In Warming

There has been no warming for 17 years. The world’s top scientists have used this data with a S/N ratio of 0.00 and a high standard deviation, to gain increasing confidence that their catastrophic warming models are correct. Wood for … Continue reading

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2013 Death Spiral Vaults Into First Place

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut The world’s greatest scientists insist that they don’t see this.

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Global Warming To Kill Everyone In The Next 17 Years

  Sir Bob Geldof: ‘All humans will die before 2030’ | Latest News | News | Daily Star. Simply The Best 7 Days A Week

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Zero Warming Equals Accelerated Warming

As global warming accelerates… – Editorial – JamaicaObserver.com

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World’s Stupidest Human Running New York City

By Michael Bloomberg We already know that extreme weather events cost a lot of money. In recent years, these costs have added up after such events as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina; the wildfires and epic floods in Colorado; the die-off … Continue reading

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How To Speak With RINOs

The odds of my comment making it past moderation are somewhere between 0.00% and 0.000% Is Global Warming the Planet’s Biggest Problem? – NationalJournal.com

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Guardian Says That Australia Controls The Earth’s Temperature

Australia has a chance to slow global warming down – but will it take it? | Comment is free | theguardian.com

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