Guardian Says That Australia Controls The Earth’s Temperature

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Australia has a chance to slow global warming down – but will it take it? | Comment is free |

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12 Responses to Guardian Says That Australia Controls The Earth’s Temperature

  1. stephen says:

    India a billion plus souls China the same Indonesia not far behind and 22 million people on a vast island almost alone in the southern ocean can stop global warming that’s no happening. What are these people smoking.

  2. Bone Idle says:

    Plus, Indonesia almost has as much coal as Australia.

    I once was doing some work on an island in Indonesia that was made up of nearly all coal and peat. It was extremely difficult to get a definite “Ground” for our earth station.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:


    Leggett is moaning about the Gallilee basin coal deposits.

    A certain guy is a billionaire because of the Gallilee deposits. And that guy’s political party just gazumped the Greens to win control of our Senate from 1 July.

    Clive Palmer’s money comes from those coal deposits. And he’s the person that Tony Abbott will be asking for votes to repeal the carbon tax…

    Oh, this will be so much fun.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Australia produces less than 10% of the world’s coal and we are gonna save the world?
    We HAVE THE POWER.!!!!
    Seriously, the Guardian is a stupid paper and they and the leftists are all in a Tiz because we are repealing their sacred cow the Carbon Tax!!!!
    I have a phrase for all the alarmists. GFY.

    • tom0mason says:


    • mike says:

      You say the Guardian is a stupid paper, but this near once bankrupt envirorag recently set up shop in Australia, at a time green issues are on the wane in Aus. So why target the Aussie market now? Who wins and who loses when mining projects are canned as a result of dodgy environmental science news?

      • Andy Oz says:

        The reasons the Giardia targets Australia are firstly commercial as there are plenty of people here connected on line, though very very few pay subscriptions to news organisations. There is also a significant minority of left wing greenies who have been brain washed when young since the 70’s on, so they have fertile ground for their fundamentalist musings. Finally, with our new government, this is the front line in the battle to repeal the alarmist carbon taxes that are crippling our economy and destroying the mining industry here. The more shrill they are in the Giardia, the closer we are to blowing up their agenda. The Giardia comes from London and that is where Carbon Credit central is. No carbon credits, no money for London. They are desperate for the tens of billions of $$ that they don’t have to pay back!!!!

      • Bill Pounder says:

        I read somewhere that the parent company can/will only tip in for another 4 or 5 years.

  5. TimiBoy says:

    As we yell here in Australia,

    Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, Oi Oi Oi!

    That is the only response I can think of at the right intellectual level of the Guardian article…

  6. Kaboom says:

    Nobody buying the Guardian ever again would solve the problem much quicker and more permanently.

  7. Colorado Wellington says:

    I know a street preacher who says he controls the Earth’s temperature. I’ll ask him about this.

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