World’s Stupidest Human Running New York City

By Michael Bloomberg

We already know that extreme weather events cost a lot of money. In recent years, these costs have added up after such events as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina; the wildfires and epic floods in Colorado; the die-off of pine trees across the Rocky Mountains; devastating, historic floods across the Midwest; deepening drought in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma; record heat waves across Alaska and the Northeast; and the slow but intractable death of the coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.

A climate-change risk assessment – The Washington Post

I’m sitting in the “deepening New Mexico drought” this evening, where people are saying it is the greenest they can remember. Driving down here through the Rocky Mountains, the trees looked very healthy. Alaska just had their shortest summer on record after their latest thaw on record. The Colorado floods were 25 year floods and not at all epic. Hurricanes have been the quietest on record. The midwest has had much worse floods in the past century.

Bloomberg is a world class wanker, pulling meaningless words out from where the sun never shines. He apparently thinks that the weather always used to be lovely.

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11 Responses to World’s Stupidest Human Running New York City

  1. gator69 says:

    Elected by his peers.

  2. leftinbrooklyn says:

    The first sentence of his above paragraph was sufficient to explain his agenda.

  3. Kepler says:

    Taking in the beautiful Balloon Fiesta that we have here in Albuquerque perhaps.

  4. Technically, he is known as a Mission Creep…

  5. Kaboom says:

    That’s probably because he emigrated to New York from The Shire in Middle Earth.

  6. Or he is spruiking for federal money to pay for infrastructure redevelopment his state can’t afford.

  7. Jeffk says:

    Leftists will never blame gov’t for aggravating weather defenses, and instead blame the weather. Such as allowing homes and towns to be built in vulnerable geographic elevations and locations on shorelines, in the deep dry woods, or on muddy cliff sides. It’s the weather, it’s “climate change” making us do it!

  8. Don Penim says:

    Good competition for doing stupid things is California Governor Jerry Brown:

    In California, if you make a report about illegal activities, you can get charged with extortion!

    California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Saturday a new regulation that says threatening to report an undocumented resident [an illegal immigrant] to authorities can be the basis for an extortion charge.

    Come on in to California Afghani Taliban and Iragi Al Qaida!
    You can’t be reported .

    More gems signed into Law as well:

  9. Andy Oz says:

    If he was in China he might have had something to argue about. Which goes to show weather and climate are two very different things. 25 typhoons in one season or so the mirror says. And zero in the US.

  10. snedly arkus says:

    According to Wikipedia, which has an up to date listing of storms and typhoons for that area, there have been 6 typhoons since January 1, 2013. Five of them have hit China. There have been 39 storms from minor unnamed tropical depressions to typhoons for the year so far.

  11. gofer says:

    I don’t know, what about this one?

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz: “The [Solyndra] loan guarantee program has had some controversy. Let me say flatly: It’s been a terrific success.”

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