McKibben Takes Climate Dishonesty To A Whole New Level

ScreenHunter_12 Oct. 07 05.08

ScreenHunter_13 Oct. 07 05.08

Twitter / billmckibben: ‘Weatherpalooza’ May be 1st …

Fewest tornadoes on record :

ScreenHunter_14 Oct. 07 05.15

torgraph.png (610×397)

Fewest forest fires on record in the US

ScreenHunter_15 Oct. 07 05.18

National Interagency Fire Center

No US hurricanes so far in 2013. Obama’s presidency has had the fewest US hurricane landfalls (3) of any president. The level of dishonesty has gone off scale.

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13 Responses to McKibben Takes Climate Dishonesty To A Whole New Level

  1. ralphcramdo says:

    Talk about your cherry picking. We also had scattered rain showers in Florida if that would help Bill’s cause.

  2. darwin says:

    Bill McKrackpot is delusional and should be on psychotropic meds.

    • The same would apply to all the political commentators (of which he is one).

      • NikFromNYC says:

        Mad Harry here truly believes he’s sitting on the biggest discovery of all time, that because the random fractal coastlines of continents geometrically resemble a few star constellations, that ancient gods played sandbox on Earth. At least he didn’t sodomize all four of his kids like the registered sex offender Oliver “Magic Neutrons” Manuel who is also a poster here, as single posts by me, one of the most active skeptics of all time, result in 24 hour bans by he who has sadly earned the moniker “Steven Godwin.”

        I came here today to report on how has a science editor who released a book on energy policy that supports nuclear, but being banned from discussion as Harry and a rapist prattle on here, well, Steve has his own sandbox issues.

  3. Stewart Pid says:

    Wow … a tropical storm in the tropics and mckitten has his shorts in a knot. What a fool.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Tropical storms, blizzards in the Rockies/high Plains, tornadoes and fires are all common events duirng early October. If these people have the moral high ground, why do they insist on being so dishonest?

  5. Justa Joe says:

    Wow… that was weak by even McKitten standards.

  6. beowulftoo says:

    Georgia depends on tropical storms and hurricanes for summer moisture. Texas also, but Texans prefer hurricanes (so they can have something to talk about)..

  7. Kepler says:

    Joe Bastardi calls these guys ‘climatic ambulance chasers’ and he predicted days ago that they would be coming out of the woodwork on this weather pattern. He wrote this great article about them.

  8. Bob Greene says:

    The warmists’ critique of folks they disagree with quite often starts with an attack on education. If you are not a bone fide card carrying climate scientist (what ever that is) you are not worthy of criticizing the wise men. McKibben’s bio doesn’t mention fields of study or any degree after mentioning he went to Harvard and is passion for journalism led him to become the editor of the Harvard Crimson. So, one would assume based on him not bragging about degrees his field of study was very limited technically.
    Surely, he has had enough grammar school or high school geography to realize the the US covers a high percentage of a continent from actic to tropics and at multiple elevations. An observation of weather would reveal to the most casual observer a wide variety of weather conditions happening simultaneously. I suppose his being a true believer absolves him from criticism from the faithful, to the rest of us, he displays true ignorance and idiocy. So much for the vaunted Harvard education.

  9. Mike D says:

    So two of the four were potential happenings over the weekend. Which I guess means it was a potential “Weatherpalooza.” Except I’m not sure fires are weather. If it fire is weather, it seems like most days of the year anyone could run out into the forest and create weather by letting a campfire get out of control.

  10. diyethic says:

    Inflation adjusted?

  11. Cowpoke says:

    At Least the LA Times is admitting to deception via Cherry Picking:

    LA Times: We Don’t Publish Letters to Editor Claiming Man Isn’t Causing Climate Change

    Read more:

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