Obama Continues His Coup Attempt With Gestapo Tactics In The National Parks

‘Gestapo’ tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone

NEWBURYPORT — Pat Vaillancourt went on a trip last week that was intended to showcase some of America’s greatest treasures.

Instead, the Salisbury resident said she and others on her tour bus witnessed an ugly spectacle that made her embarrassed, angry and heartbroken for her country.

Vaillancourt was one of thousands of people who found themselves in a national park as the federal government shutdown went into effect on Oct. 1. For many hours her tour group, which included senior citizen visitors from Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States, were locked in a Yellowstone National Park hotel under armed guard.

The bus trip made headlines in Livingston, where the local newspaper Livingston Enterprise interviewed the tour guide, Gordon Hodgson, who accused the park service of “Gestapo tactics.”  “The national parks belong to the people,” he told the Enterprise. “This isn’t right.”

‘Gestapo’ tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone » Local News » NewburyportNews.com, Newburyport, MA

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29 Responses to Obama Continues His Coup Attempt With Gestapo Tactics In The National Parks

  1. TomC says:

    The tyranny is hardening…

  2. Robertv says:



  3. Andy DC says:

    I guess the 2014 and 2016 elections will tell us which side is politcally doing the right thing. I honestly do not know at this point.

  4. Marc says:

    I guess if it’s ok to have the parks run without personnel, the parks should be open. Is that what you’re suggesting?

  5. Marc says:

    OMG, I forgot you were a “birther”. In my personal experience, birthers are stupid, gullible, or entirely blinded by hatred. I have to assume the third in your case, since you’re obviously neither of the first two. It’s kind of sad, really, and I honestly believe it hurts your “global warming scam” cause (which I happen to agree with); it makes you sound like a crank. It’s your blog, and your typical reader agrees with you, but to the extent you’re interested in convincing people about climate nonsense, you do yourself no favors with this over-the-top conspiracist stuff. Do you not recognize that? Or you do, and it’s what you intend?

    • Gamecock says:

      Not a logical response to ample evidence that he was not born in the U.S. Ad hominem doesn’t refute the evidence.

    • And you are complete asshole – and you are now spam.

    • gofer says:

      What conspiracist stuff? Treating people, especially several foreigners in this case, in such a horrible manner has nothing to do with any conspiracy. It has to do with the fact that Obama is trying to cause hurt and a park ranger confirmed that. To punish the people in order to try and win political points is un-American. They wouldn’t allow the people to go outside and posted guards around the hotel. Are you freaking kidding me? You have a lot of nerve to even suggest a defense of this asinine behavior.

      The original “birther” was Hillary Clinton. Does your description apply to her? People were only responding to printed evidence that said he was born in Kenya and to the secrecy surrounding his BC, college records, his life and even the fact that Tom Brokaw said, “We know very little about Barack Obama with the exception of his book.” Apparently leftists just accept everything at face value. No wonder the world has suffered so much at their hands because they are the gullible ones.

      • Blade says:

        What conspiracist stuff? …


        Perhaps that idiot Marc can name another President whose father was a foreigner ( never a citizen ever )?

        Using the word “Birther” indicates a degree of cognitive dissonance over the realization of voting for an unqualified person for President. Either that or it means he is a conspiracy theory theorist who slaps a label on everything that upsets his blissful ignorance.

        Sorry Marc, if you voted for DingleBarry you are at the minimum a traitor to the Constitution of the USA. More likely though is that you are a bonafide enemy of my country, voting for whoever is the most Socialist in a given election, even if it means wiping your ass with the Constitution that so many bled and died for.

    • scizzorbill says:

      There is a you tube video of Obama talking to a group of students. In it, he says he was born in Kenya. Is he a liar, or is he a liar?

    • Typical misdirection from one of the Insane Left. You couldn’t answer Goddard’s answer to you above, so you made up a new field of argument against him–and an ad hominem one at that. I wouldn’t let you comment ever again on my blog.

    • gator69 says:

      Obama was a birther until 2007.

    • philjourdan says:

      So you support an imperial president that demonstrates all this country is his to play with?

      I knew there were some fruit loops out there, I guess I should be thankful I met one.

  6. gofer says:

    This sounds like satire or something from the Onion. They were not even allowed to stop at a bathroom on the way on. The owner said they threatened to take his license if he allowed them to stop. This is way out of control. “Recreating” is not allowed!

    The bus stopped along a road when a large herd of bison passed nearby, and seniors filed out to take photos. Almost immediately, an armed ranger came by and ordered them to get back in, saying they couldn’t “recreate.” The tour guide, who had paid a $300 fee the day before to bring the group into the park, argued that the seniors weren’t “recreating,” just taking photos.

    “She responded and said, ‘Sir, you are recreating,’

  7. Gamecock says:

    It depends on what the meaning of recreating is is.

    Yellowstone bison STINK. And they are wild. Getting out ain’t too bright. Recreating or not.

  8. gofer says:

    How could Washington more perfectly demonstrate its contempt for the American people?

    The internet is ablaze with outrage that the Administration has opened up the National Mall today to illegal aliens for their pro-amnesty protest after erecting barricades to keep World War II veterans away from the World War II memorial on the mall! —Patriot Post

    This is beyond reprehensible and despicable beyond words.

    • Gamecock says:


    • And I have not heard anything about it, so the media (even Fox) don’t care.

      We all should try to keep note of all those who, like the National Park rangers, willingly obey and abet Obama’s lawlessness (his tyranny over individual human rights of Americans). For example, I noted 20 years ago that the National Park Service–and many if not most atmospheric scientists, among whom I worked, at CIRA (Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere) in Fort Collins–was suborned to the radical environmentalist program. That is just one personal data point on just how long the dogmas have been nurtured and slavishly followed, and by how many, to lead us to this pass. (And sorry, all you miseducated earth and life science students, but Darwinism is another example of false dogma, not true, settled science, which has largely contributed to the present incompetence and mass delusion.)

  9. Larry Fields says:

    I hope that this is not too off-topic.

    Pssst. Wanna put a big dent in the illegal immgration problem? It’s simple, really. Just make all unincorporated areas within a mile of the border a National Park. Then close it to the public forever. And then hire the Park Service goons to enforce the closure.

    I already have a name in mind. How about Shoot First National Park? /sarc

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