Shock News : Obama Calls Top Harvard And MIT Scientists “Flat Earthers”

Barry has invoked his science expertise (has he ever passed a science class?) and declared that leading Harvard and MIT scientists are flat earthers, whom he doesn’t have time to debate.

Harvard physicist, running for Congress, criticizes global warming ‘hysteria’

Stopa — who is director of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Computation Project and a nationally recognized expert on nanoscale electronics and computation — predicts a change in climate science in the near future.

“The IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change), in releasing their Fifth Assessment Report, are struggling to maintain a sense of urgency about climate change that is belied by: a pause of fifteen years in global warming, a failure (until now) to correctly incorporate important natural climate driving effects such as solar forcing and ocean current, and a continued inability to fully incorporate the effects of cloud formation in their models,” Stopa told TheDC.

Stopa isn’t alone in criticizing the IPCC’s science. A top MIT climate scientist called the latest IPCC report “hilarious.”

Stopa, a lifelong fiscally conservative Republican, has authored seventy-five academic papers and received over a thousand citations of his work.

Harvard physicist running for Congress slams global warming ‘hysteria’ | The Daily Caller

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5 Responses to Shock News : Obama Calls Top Harvard And MIT Scientists “Flat Earthers”

  1. Kaboom says:

    I’m not sure what the scientific credentials are for a constitutional scholar who screws with the constitution on every turn.

  2. dave says:

    Astronauts who have actually walked on the moon are global warming skeptics. Is Obama calling astronauts flat earthers? LOL.

  3. gator69 says:

    Well, it did take Skeeter over four decades to figure out that he was really born in Hawaii. Slow learner.

  4. Pathway says:

    Skeeter believes that the Constitution is one of negative rights because they don’t say what the government can do to you.

  5. Green Sand says:

    We had a Prime Minister in the UK who had a propensity of calling people ““Flat Earthers”.
    Last heard he was on a highly paid lecture tour in the US. Maybe he got to your man?

    Be aware, he is amongst you, suggest you ignore him and get shut at the earliest opportunity, anywhere you feel appropriate but do not repeat, do not, repatriate. Any such action could lead to a major diplomatic incident:-)

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