Garnaut And Flannery’s Spirtual Mentor

Long before the most recent crop of morons took charge, Dr. Hopgood was on the case.

ScreenHunter_1330 Oct. 09 17.25

31 Aug 1986 – Sea level ‘to rise metre in 60 years’

We are almost half way through his 60 year, 1,000 mm forecast – and sea level has risen zero mm near Canberra. Only 1,000 mm left to go in the next 30 years.

ScreenHunter_1332 Oct. 09 17.33

Data and Station Information for EDEN

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16 Responses to Garnaut And Flannery’s Spirtual Mentor

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Eden is one of the prettiest spots on the east coast of Australia.
    Excellent fishing, beaches, countryside and friendly people. I’m glad it hasn’t been swamped by the imaginary sea level rise. Dr Hopgood was a political apparatchik with a theology degree. Imaginary ideas was his forte!,_New_South_Wales

    • Andy Oz says:

      About 100-150 mm in 80 years in Port Adelaide or about 1.5mm/yr.
      Hopgood said 15mm/ yr. Out by 1 order of magnitude.
      His progressive electorate was on the Adelaide beaches. I’m certain his predicted catastrophic sea level rise of 500mm to date is obvious and evacuations have occurred. Not! It’s likely he also believes he will be abducted by aliens. Australians are all hoping this will be his first correct prediction.

      • Andy Oz says:

        This is what Hopgood said was guaranteed to date – 50 cm rise.
        Hasn’t happened and won’t happen in next 3 centuries. Alarmist claptrap.

        And this below by 2047. What a dunce. He should return the Order of Australia award.

    • Don says:

      — …….. with a theology degree. —

      Steve did say ‘spiritual mentor’.

  2. Latitude says:

    that is one of the 65% of tide gauges that show no sea level rise at all…

    Click to access Tide%20gauge%20location.pdf

  3. Don says:

    Re-posted on Defending The Truth dot com.

  4. He was a trend setter in his day though. Just not the trend he expected.

  5. Bill Pounder says:

    Ex- PM Gillard didn’t pay attention and bought a retirement pad a short flat walk to Brighton Beach, Adelaide, like K Rudd, G Combet & T Flannery with their recent waterfront property purchases.

  6. Alan says:

    You appear to have misinterpreted that data.

    Are you aware the Eden Sea level Data, from the source you cite, does actually show a rise even though you seem to say it does not?
    Indeed on the very page you link just below where you neatly cropped the page is this graph

    The trend is easier to see because it is annual data and has less noise to obscure the trend.

    When I downloaded the data and did a linear regression on it sea level at Eden was rising at 1.7mm per year which is less than reported world wide average reported here
    but that is unsurprising as sea level does not actually rise uniformly,
    which is weird I admit but when i thought about that it makes sense.

    • The start of the series was 1989, which averaged 7097 mm. The end of the series was 2012, which averaged 7107 mm. If sea level continues to rise at that rate, it will only require 2,200 years to rise a metre.

      Do you believe that 2,200 years equals 60 years?

      Also, how many angels can dance on the head of pin?

  7. Alan says:

    Also as these were the IPCC predictions and sea level is actually rising faster than they predicted … doesn’t that make the problem worse than they claimed?

    Something that is incorrect to do is to take the current rate of sea level rise and expect it might continue.
    As the world atmosphere warms rapidly the ocean has no where near caught up yet, as the gap between the current Climate temp and the ocean temp widens the rate of sea level rise will naturally increase.

    Hence the IPCC models show an accelerating sea level rise.

    Seems like a kind of worry trend to me.

    • Andy Oz says:

      How much will the top 1 metre of the world’s ocean increase in temperature if it absorbs all the heat in the entire atmosphere? This is reasonably easy to calculate yourself. Worrying about what the current air temperature is becomes insignificant and redundant.

    • “We are almost half way through his 60 year, 1,000 mm forecast – and sea level has risen zero mm near Canberra. Only 1,000 mm left to go in the next 30 years.”

      “Something that is incorrect to do is to take the current rate of sea level rise and expect it might continue.”

      Expecting another hockey stick, huh?

    • gator69 says:

      “As the world atmosphere warms rapidly…”

      No warming for 17 years is rapid warming? Try again?

  8. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on CACA and commented:
    Flannery has time to enjoy his waterfront mansion, purchased in 2003 at the height of his alarmist sea-level-rise rants, where he once claimed sea’s would rise 8-story’s this century. Hy-po-crite.

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