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Global Warming Remarks From One Of The World’s Stupidest Humans

The fact that sea level in New York, in New York Harbor, are now a foot higher than a century ago — that didn’t cause Hurricane Sandy, but it certainly contributed to the destruction that left large parts of our … Continue reading

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Obama’s New Era Of Civility – Anyone Who Disagrees With Him Is A Terrorist, Arsonist And A Traitor

“At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we … Continue reading

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No Sea Level Rise In Oregon For Over 40 Years

Data and Station Information for CHARLESTON II

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Shock News : Obama And CNN Committed Election Fraud

. “Get the transcript”  A smoking gun that CNN and the White House plotted strategy ahead of the debate.  How does democracy survive corruption like this at the highest levels?

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Arizona Children Just Won’t Know What Autumn Is

Global warming is hitting the Arizona desert hard today. National Weather Service – NWS Flagstaff

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James Woods Explains Obama

“This President is a true abomination. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege…” he tweeted on Oct. 8. Woods also called Obama “just vile. A small, small man.” James Woods criticizes Obama, says he doesn’t expect … Continue reading

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52% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice Since This Date Last Year

Green shows ice present in 2013, which was not present in 2012. Red shows the opposite.   Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

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Most Transparent White House In History Is The Worst Since Watergate

Leonard Downie Jr., a former executive editor of The Washington Post, wrote the 30-page analysis entitled “The Obama Administration and the Press.” The report notes President Barack Obama came into office pledging an open, transparent government after criticizing the Bush … Continue reading

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Obama Knew Obamacare Was Broken, Says That Anyone Who Questions Him Is A Terrorist

Major insurers, state health-care officials and Democratic allies repeatedly warned the Obama administration in recent months that the new federal health-insurance exchange had significant problems, according to people familiar with the conversations. Despite those warnings and intense criticism from Republicans, … Continue reading

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It Is Worse Than It Seems!

Seth Borenstein, who originally warned us about the 2012 ice-free Arctic, says that temperatures are going to go off scale around noon on July 23, 2047. Study: Temperatures go off the charts around 2047 This is disturbing, because Hansen had … Continue reading

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