2008 : Obama’s Promise To End Federal Borrowing

Barack Obama will restore fiscal discipline to Washington:

Under President Bush, the federal debt has increased from $5.7 trillion to $8.8 trillion

And it is now $17 trillion after five years of Obama fiscal discipline.


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6 Responses to 2008 : Obama’s Promise To End Federal Borrowing

  1. tom0mason says:

    Belief was all he had to offer and it has failed.

  2. Jason Hartzog says:

    List of things this president has done right since he has been in office:

    any questions?

  3. Okie says:

    FDR made similar promises running for election. Obama knows the playbook well, including permanent government dependency.

  4. GoneWithTheWind says:

    It’s worth noting that under Bush and a Republican congress the deficit was decreasing every year after 9/11 but one the Democrats took control of congress in 2006 the deficit skyrocketed.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Just listen to a long forgotten address to congress by Ron Paul where he explains the historic development of our current monetary system and the consequences for US Politics.

    This is a really important source of informations which will put a bright light on the why and how of US national and foreign politics.

    It also shows why there hasn’t been any serious difference between Democratic and Republican policies since Kennedy and Reagan. In fact, the only reason why Bush left the the USA with a deficit which has been accelerated under Obama is the fact that the dollar hegemony has arrived at it’s final faze of existence.


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