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Name That Wind Gust

We are having wind speeds along the Colorado Front Range higher than most of NOAA’s named tropical storms this year. NCAR Mesa Lab Weather (english, 5-minute)

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2007 : Obama Promises To End Illegal NSA Wiretapping Of US Citizens

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Socialist Utopia Finally Located

Obama is looking to create a world where everyone services the queen, as their primary function.

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2008 : Obama’s Promise To End Federal Borrowing

Barack Obama will restore fiscal discipline to Washington: Under President Bush, the federal debt has increased from $5.7 trillion to $8.8 trillion And it is now $17 trillion after five years of Obama fiscal discipline. http://moveleft.org/obamas_promises/www-barackobama-com_issues_fiscal.pdf

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It Is Worse Than It Seems

It is bad enough for alarmists that 2013 (green) has more Arctic sea ice than 2006 (red) – but the reality is much worse than that. There  has been a large increase in western Arctic ice in 2013 relative to … Continue reading

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Declining Snow Cover Update

We only need one cm of snow in the next three weeks to make this the snowiest January-October on record in Fort Collins.

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Can Obama Restore The Kinder, Gentler Climate Of 1890?

05 Apr 1890 – Cyclone and Floods in America. TORNADO AND BLIZZ… http://trove.nla.gov.au/ http://news.google.com/newspapers 31 Mar 1890 – TERRIBLE DISASTERS IN AMERICA. TOWNS AND VILLAGE…

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February 9, 1884 Tornadoes Killed 800 People In 8 States

Any February tornado now brings calls for world communism to end climate change. 30 Dec 1896 – The Sydney Morning Herald – p6

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1884 Shock News : North Pole Sometimes Free Of Ice


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Shock News : Obama Has Destroyed The Reputation Of The National Park Service

I’m a former NPS historian/supervisory interpretive park ranger from two parks (at Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi and the Steamtown National Historic Site in Pennsylvania.). I’m now serving as a historian for another Federal agency. For years I’ve monitored … Continue reading

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