A Quick Reminder To The Republican Leadership

The only thing people remember about a fight, is who won.

Only a complete moron would be watching fake public opinion push polls driven by Democratic operatives, and intended to target weak minded Republican congressmen.

Two kinds of people in this world
Winners… losers
I lost my power in this world
Cause I did not use it

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8 Responses to A Quick Reminder To The Republican Leadership

  1. gator69 says:

    This is also how wars are lost. You never poll at halftime.

  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    “Don’t go wobbly on me, Boehner”

    • Wobbly is the only thing he knows how to do. With a back bone made of over cooked linguine, what can you expect? This seems to be a post modern requirement for being a Republican. Having principles, supporting clear values, and holding to the constitution because it is right thing to do, are things of the past and future but not now. First he has to make Obama happy. Then he can pretend to fight for the few scraps of our liberty that we have left.

      Our future is being sold to Obama for a smile and a handshake. With leaders like that we don’t need enemies.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Too many Republican congressmen in moderate suburban areas in districts that are dependent on government expenditures. Like suburban DC. Those guys are under tremendous pressure.

  4. averyharden says:

    You forget so quickly. I remember just a year ago when Republicans thought they were ahead in the polls to take back the White House and Senate.

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