Understanding How Climate Experts View Water

Most normal humans with an IQ over 30 believe that water seeks a level surface, but leading climate experts believe that some locations are drowning due to rising sea level caused by collapsing ice sheets – even as other locations are unaffected.

The time lapse imagery below of Peter Gleick’s swimming pool should make the concept clear.


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15 Responses to Understanding How Climate Experts View Water

  1. kbray in california says:

    That’s called a “sea nipple”, the cold water makes them stick out like that.

  2. @njsnowfan says:

    Did you use a climate model to get that outcome..lol

    Earth crust is always moving up and down and so do land masses.

  3. Latitude says:

    I hear Indonesia is building a new water park……

  4. mkelly says:

    Isn’t there an area in the Indian Ocean that has a dip in it?

  5. Andy OZ says:

    That’s Gold!

  6. bkivey says:

    Thanks for posting the video of the missing heat, because as anyone with an IQ over 30 knows, heat rises.

  7. northernont says:

    How do you measure sea level when the sea sits on a sea of undulating crust.

  8. averyharden says:

    Steve, I wish you would get back to science instead of just dishing up red meat.

  9. Mkelley says:

    Red meat is delicious if properly prepared.

  10. pete says:

    LMAO. There are millions and millions of us that ‘get it’. Pictures worth x amt of words and such…….

    Always loving your wit and humor. Because both of those concepts originate with fact basis.

    Rock on.

  11. Larry Geiger says:

    Dude, you are so bad. So bad! My son says that pool image is “true badness”, whatever that means. He’s an engineer (NOT a scientist) so it sort of gives him the existential willies. Or something. I don’t know. He keeps mumbling, “idiots. nut cases. dude…”

    For information about the “dude” things see:

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