Inconvenient Truth : No Current School Child Has Ever Seen Any Global Warming

ScreenHunter_1448 Oct. 13 11.00

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Actually this isn’t quite true. High school seniors who failed a grade might have seen a little global warming.

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7 Responses to Inconvenient Truth : No Current School Child Has Ever Seen Any Global Warming

  1. I hope you’re not referring to Homer or Mickey!

  2. Andy Oz says:

    How come the CAGW scam didn’t make the top 12 failed predictions? I think a couple of YouTube videos with the top 12 failed climate predictions would almost go viral right now.
    Failed temperature prediction
    Failed sea ice prediction.
    Failed tornado prediction
    Failed hurricane prediction
    Failed drought prediction
    Failed end of snow prediction
    Failed sea level prediction
    Failed glacier prediction
    Failed polar bear prediction
    Failed sinking islands prediction
    Failed barrier reef disaster prediction.
    Why do alarmists deny the facts? Are they looking for a new religion?

  3. AJ Virgo. says:

    You’re wrong about Y2K, it was a big problem but only for mainframes (and various units of largely obsolete equipment) billions were spent rewriting code on the important mainframes or replacing them outright. The worry was that the work would not be completed in time however the last of the work was completed in November 1999. Thousands of code writers were recruited and trained from scratch and went on to write todays software.

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