Understanding The Great Society

Starting in the 1960s, the government began paying unmarried inner city women to crank out as many future Democratic voters as they could. This led to an explosion of unwanted children in places like Chicago.

These completely dysfunctional individuals are now paid by the government to do nothing. They then purchase illegal firearms with our government confiscated tax dollars, and shoot their neighbors – which becomes the basis for Democrats to dismantle the Bill of Rights.

President Obama tells us that if we don’t keep funding this madness, the world will fall apart.

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12 Responses to Understanding The Great Society

  1. averyharden says:

    There are more rural, redstate, white people using food stamps than “inner city” Democratic voters.

  2. David A says:

    Yes, our inner city poor have a large and unhealthy co-dependency on Govt. Those that think they are “owed” never improve their situation. Those that are hungry tend to take steps to improve. It is really very sad.

  3. tom0mason says:

    It’s funny how
    “These completely dysfunctional individuals are now paid by the government to do nothing.”
    gets transformed (hijacked) by a complete idiot, to some stupid argument over food stamps.

  4. The second amendment gives them the right to shoot each other. I’ll supply the ammo.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    The Drug War finances gangs, not welfare. The anti-abortion mantra of Tea Party candidates renders them unelectable by states dominated by urban women who also demand that gangs be disarmed so they don’t need a gun in their purse. And so the song remains the same. Puritanism is the mirror image of liberalism, both being nanny state tyrannical and based on attention grubbing propaganda that demonizes and thus dehumanizes their mirror image. The great irony is that classic serious conservatism is already staunchly libertarian. We are living in the biggest era of prohibition of all time, dragged down by it, period, the whole rule of law rendered a laughing stock as one of the most medicinal plants known which the original US flag was made of, is federally classified as poison, just as carbon dioxide is now also classified. Bill Buckley tried like mad to steer Republicans out of Nixon’s drug war, to utterly no avail.

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