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NASA Settled Science

During 2006, the Sun’s “Conveyor Belt” was both the slowest and fastest on record – at the same time. 2006 : record slow http://science.nasa.gov/ 2005-2010 : record fast http://science.nasa.gov/

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What Happened To Syria?

Three weeks ago, the first couple (McCain/Obama) were telling us that the world would end if we didn’t bomb Syria.

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The US Is Going To Default

Sooner or later the US is going to default. Assuming 50 million actual taxpayers in the country, the current national debt works out to $340,000 per taxpayer, and that is without considering future interest. The real number is well over … Continue reading

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Clegg Says Lower Taxes Will Cost People Money

You really can’t make up stupid and corrupt like this. Scrapping green taxes would increase energy bills, says Nick Clegg – Telegraph

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Colorado Declining Snow Cover Update

Telluride, Colorado | Telluride Webcams co_swepctnormal_update.png (1056×816) h/t to Eric N. WY

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Progressives Stink

The same morons who worked tirelessly to make make Colorado smoke free, are now stinking up the place with marijuana smoke. You can’t go anywhere around here now without smelling weed. With Denver poised to allow recreational marijuana sales, Mayor … Continue reading

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Boner Folds, As Expected

Senators say they are nearing a deal on shutdown, debt At one time, congressional Republicans said they would not vote for a new spending plan or raise the debt ceiling unless Obama delayed parts of the new health care law … Continue reading

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