NASA Settled Science

During 2006, the Sun’s “Conveyor Belt” was both the slowest and fastest on record – at the same time.

2006 : record slow

2005-2010 : record fast

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13 Responses to NASA Settled Science

  1. Latitude says:

    where do you find these things??…’s priceless!!!!!!

  2. Sundance says:

    While NASA is busy altering past data and massaging Muslim egos, real rocket scientists are leaving to actually work on rocket technology and innovation.

  3. geologyjim says:

    Some folks defend Hathaway as just a hard-working NASA guy who’s dealing with a really complex issue – but he’s always doing his best in search of The Truth about the Sun.

    I don’t buy it. Any scientist worth his salt would freely acknowledge past mistakes and failures, rather than covering his butt with serial press-releases. I could be wrong, but actions speak louder than words

  4. Greg Locke says:

    Not too long ago I had the temerity to criticize on WUWT Hathaway’s 2006 predictions. Leif Svalgaard jumped my case, defending Hathaway’s work as an example of a scientist learning from his mistakes. Who am I to argue with a Stanford physics prof?

    • geologyjim says:

      I think Svalgaard is over-rated as well.

      All he does is repeat “there is no correlation between solar activity and temperature” ad infinitum. But he never offers any evidence to counter the numerous parallels between rates of solar change and temperature.

      Leif is about to have his lunch handed to him in the next decade, which will be undeniably colder than the last three decades

  5. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the quotes from Dr. David Hathaway.

    I encountered Dr. Hathaway in the summer of 2002 when he said the Sun cannot be mostly iron.

    That fall I traveled to the Big Bear Observatory to confront him with observations he had ignored:

    Click to access gong-2002.pdf

    I later discovered on pages 153-154 of Fred Hoyle’s autobiography [1] that Hoyle, Sir Eddington, and most astronomers believed the Sun was mostly iron until 1946, when the model of hydrogen-filled stars was adopted without discussion or debate.

    1. Home Is Where the Wind Blows (University Science Books, April 1, 1994) 441 pp:

    In 1995, the Galileo probe of Jupiter confirmed severe solar mass-fractionation and the Sun’s iron-rich interior. NASA hid the data until 1998, when a CSPAN new video captured images of Dr. Goldin’s belated releasing the data:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave
    when first we practice to deceive”

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