Progressives Stink

The same morons who worked tirelessly to make make Colorado smoke free, are now stinking up the place with marijuana smoke. You can’t go anywhere around here now without smelling weed.

With Denver poised to allow recreational marijuana sales, Mayor Michael Hancock wants to act now to stop public pot smoking.

Under an ordinance he plans to introduce Monday, possessing, smoking or giving away marijuana would be illegal in city parks, Denver’s downtown pedestrian mall and recreational facilities. Smoking in a car or on private property the pot can be seen or smelled would also be barred.

Proponents of the constitutional amendment that allows recreational marijuana use and the American Civil Liberties Union say it’s unconstitutional.

Denver mayor wants to stop public pot smoking 

So tobacco is evil, but marijuana is good.

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6 Responses to Progressives Stink

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Oh yeah. I want this kind of person with my personal information..


  2. mkelly says:

    Colorado Rocky Mountain High. Sing it do it.

  3. Rosco says:

    I smoked when I was younger. I also smoked some marijuana.

    I was able to give both up – but stopped marijuana in my mid 20’s – tobacco in my 40’s.

    Marijuana was much easier to give up than tobacco.

    And there is no way you can do the same damage to your physical health with marijuana smoke.

    It is easy for an addict to smoke up to 40 or more cigarettes a day – every day. You can’t smoke that much marijuana – not and remain conscious.

    I don’t advocate any but I think society’s increased prohibition on all drugs and especially marijuana has simply made the problem worse than when I was young – really dangerous drugs were relatively rare and hard to get – some not even fabricated then.

    Marijuana is a bulky substance – it is far easier to transport far more dangerous drugs due to the high potency per gram. I’d rather see kids smoking marijuana than the increasingly popular more dangerous alternatives.

  4. kuhnkat says:

    Rosco, thanks for showing us that marijuana smoking makes one stupid.

  5. Karl says:

    Traitor in Chief: Great story on Obunglecare!

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