Understanding Record Antarctic Ice

Climate experts explain that huge amounts of fresh water are melting due to -70º weather in the interior of Antarctica, and it is pouring into the sea -forming new sea ice several hundred miles off shore.  Makes sense if you have the IQ of a squashed cockroach.

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8 Responses to Understanding Record Antarctic Ice

  1. Latitude says:

    it’s obviously really cold fresh water….-70
    …so of course it freezes

  2. Here was my reply to someone with just a little less IQ than that at The Guardian:

    So what you have been led to believe is this, step by step:

    The ice loss in Antarctica is 71±83 GT per year (different source than yours – nobody believes the inflated estimates you cite)
    The area of Antarctica is 14e6 km^2
    Sea ice is at 19.5e6 km^2

    It is a fairly simple matter to determine that over a year, (and I’m trying to be as generous as possible) the thickness of the layer of water on top of the cold salt water, is about 36mm. So you’re saying that this promotes ice formation. And close to the source of the fresh water, it probably does. But taken over a year, it also says you believe that diffusion, wave action (which will be small in the ice area), heat exchange by convection and conduction, and wind action (which is very large), cannot mix fresh water 0.004″ thick into the salt water, in a day.

    An equivalent claim is that: The ocean can’t mix 0.07 microns of fresh water into salt water in a minute, or distribute its heat differential in a minute. Does that really make sense to you? I hope not. But that is essentially what is being claimed.

    Doesn’t it make more sense that sea ice is forming because there is more cold air above the sea than before?

  3. Glacierman says:

    Climate scientists have discovered a molecule almost as intelligent and cunning as CO2. The water molecule in Antarctica’s superpowers rival CO2’s ability to hide in the deep ocean, and simoultaneously cool the planet while waiting for the right moment to unleash it’s hellish fury. Wonder what else they will discover that is waiting to destroy us?

  4. Climatism says:

    Ha. Classic.
    Why does it take a laugh to understand so much? thx SG

  5. Billy Liar says:

    The lowest temperature liquid water can exist is ~-22°C and that only at a pressure of ~2,000 atm. At 500 atm it is solid below ~-5°C. There won’t be much liquid water being squeezed out from under the Antarctic ice unless it’s quite warm (relatively speaking) down there.

  6. norilsk says:

    Maybe it’s just cold down there. It is the bottom of the world you know, and cold air settles while hot air rises. That’s what I learned in school.

  7. Climate experts explain that huge amounts of fresh water are melting due to -70º weather
    Jct: And huge amounts are freezing in +70º summer weather too? Har har har. Cold weather melts ice and hot weather freezes it! Har har har. Sad they don’t source the story so we can have a butt to joke about.

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