Climate Science Frozen In Time

Some climate scientists are stuck at the Arctic minimum of 2012. Others are stuck at the warm US spring of 2012. Still others are stuck at the 15 minutes above freezing on the Greenland ice sheet during 2012. I suspect some are still stuck at the European heatwave of 2003.

Most prominent climate scientists believe that time began sometime after 1970, and ended in 2012.

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5 Responses to Climate Science Frozen In Time

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    Most of them are stuck with their hands in my pocket.

  2. Robertv says:

    28 December 1965. Before that date would be BMM and from that date on it is AMM.

  3. They talk a lot about the record arctic ice melt of 2012 without mentioning that 2012 was the record *greatest* year for antarctic sea ice. Now 2013 is even greater for antarctic ice, and the arctic has been freezing like it nineteen ninety nine

  4. Don Allen says:

    They have to talk about something.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Australian “researchers”!stuck in the climate rutt as well.
    The acid ocean fraudulent claim is standard in most articles nowadays.
    And yet they haven’t had clear summer weather at Davis in 5 years!!! Could be its getting colder down in the Antarctic??? No?

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