Northern Hemisphere Is Superior

We know that the northern hemisphere is superior, because it is the canary in the coal mine and is controlled by CO2. The southern hemisphere is controlled by wind, or ozone or freshwater or Hansen pixie dust or something similar, and just isn’t important.

And besides that, our Polar Bears would totally kick their Penguins asses.

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9 Responses to Northern Hemisphere Is Superior

  1. I just knew it was going to come down to racist polar bears. You could see it a mile off.

  2. Bill Pounder says:

    Oh, yeah! Mess with a penguin, Mr Scientist, and we’ll see who comes off second best!

  3. Pathway says:

    Better than messin with a polly bear.

  4. The Antarctic circumpolar current makes all the difference. 😉

  5. eco-geek says:

    Polar Bears can’t win ‘cos they’ve all drowned.

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