Weather Channel Takes Climate Dishonesty Past New Tipping Points

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20 Responses to Weather Channel Takes Climate Dishonesty Past New Tipping Points

  1. lance says:


  2. Bob Knows says:

    Weather Channel just dropped off my chart for credible information. Politial lies do not make for good information.

  3. scizzorbill says:

    very well done alarmist propaganda. sadly, lo info voters, sheeple, liberals and lefties of all stripes plus general numb nuts will nod in approval thinking they are well informed.

  4. gator69 says:

    I prefer tipping pints.

  5. Gamecock says:

    Weather Diva Stephanie Abrams was talking about a storm near Japan yesterday morning. Behind her on the big screen was “Climate Change.” She didn’t link them, but it was obvious the viewer was supposed to.

  6. Gamecock says:

    Remember, the Weather Channel is a wholly owned subsidiary of NBC.

    • EW3 says:

      Exactly right. People need to follow the money. Climate fear is quite an industry.
      Used to be a fan of weatherunderground, but now they are owned by the weather channel and I refuse to use them.

      • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

        And climate ignorance isn’t? I trust people trying to make an effort to save the planet more than I trust people who just want to carry on destroying the planet in order to maintain their own selfish, materialistic society.

        • I take that you don’t use food, electricity, shelter, transportation, communications, heat or any manufactured goods?

        • How can you tell the difference between “trying to make an effort to save the planet” and “using ‘saving the planet’ as a scheme to cause great harm”?

          And how can you distinguish between a “selfish, materialistic society” and a society of abundant energy that has lifted billions out of abject misery?

          Do you prefer the abject misery?

          ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

        • Chiglinsky, another self indulgent arsehole with a sense of moral superiority. (A kind of stupidity that causes more death and misery in the world in a vain bit to achieve the opposite.)

        • Matthew, what has anybody done to save the planet? Taxing corporations that produce CO2 saves the planet? They have to make MORE CO2 to pay the taxes. Forming IPCC to penalize rich countries and give the money to poor countries saves the planet? Redistribute the wealth will save the world? That’s a load of globullshit.

  7. Martin Hertzberg says:

    Only one tipping point is involved. It is in the glass that the global warmers are lifting to their lips as they drink whatever is in the glass that is causing them to hallucinate.

  8. norilsk says:

    What was the greatest cyclone ever? Typhoon Tip. It was some tipping point in 1979 no less. Even the Weather Channel acknowledges this.

  9. I just got myself banned from Wikipedia by telling one of the globetard moderators he was a communist. Apparently they don’t like the word communist, even though they are. The global warming commies at Wikipedia are even worse than commie scientists because they don’t even understand the science behind their communism.

  10. Andy DC says:

    The worst Australian cyclone was somewhere around 1890, the worst US hurricane was in 1935. Weather catastrophes happen from time to time. Nothing new there.

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