Editorial : End Cyber-Bullying

Hundreds of millions of Americans recently received notice from a famous Chicago ring leader, that they have a choice of either signing up for a very expensive online protection racket, or be visited by his IRS goons. They were also told that they have to finance this racket with their current tax dollars.

This sort of cyber-racketeering is clearly prohibited by RICO laws, which need to be enforced by the same Justice Department who are running guns to Mexican drug lords.

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2 Responses to Editorial : End Cyber-Bullying

  1. Robertv says:

    If only Climate Change was the problem Earth would be a great place to live. But I am afraid that the opposite is true and that the climate problem is the smallest of our troubles

  2. Dave says:

    Speaking of cyber bullying this dot earth commenter says the LA Times is banning opinion letters that discount climate change:

    The Los Angeles Times, hardly a paragon of progressive reporting, just announced that they will no longer publish letters to the editor that include global warming denier talking points. The reasons: these comments lack any credible basis in science, and are damaging public education, once thought to be a goal of our media.


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