Alarmists Just Can’t Get A Break

Alarmists are having a tough year. They can’t create any warming or much in the way of hurricanes or tornadoes, Arctic ice has grown 60%, fire count has been the lowest in decades, and now their permanent drought has abandoned them too.

ScreenHunter_1590 Oct. 17 07.33

United States Drought Monitor > Data Archive > Tables

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9 Responses to Alarmists Just Can’t Get A Break

  1. Bob Greene says:

    Well, you know, ah, all this unprecedented and exceptional rain is fully predicted by global warming. It’s droughts and/or increased rainfall, storms, fire and brimstone out of the west. All are in the predictions.

  2. Exactly. Rain snow sleet hail graupel or LACK of any of the above can be cause by global warming. Also, sea ice, lack of sea ice, earthquakes, lack of earthquakes, asteroids, supernovae, etc.

  3. When your theory predicts everything and anything, it is not even false. Will it be cloudy or clear? Yes. Will it be wet or dry? Yes. Will it be hot or cold? Yes. Will there be extreme weather or not? Yes. Will the climate stay the same or change? Yes. Is it ALL your fault because you use fossil fuels to live and thrive or not? Yes.

    The trick is to place enough confusing technobabble inside of and between the questions and answers so the mark can’t remember exactly what the question was nor understand the answer. He then becomes confused but doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t know what you are talking about so falls for your version of Three Card Monte.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Shock News: Gay green climate alarmists blame bushfires on globull worming.
    Considering over 50% are lit on purpose and of the rest, human activity (power lines, machinery, welding, building houses in the forest, etc) caused a further 40%, according to Australian Police and Emergency Services, that is a really dumb statement.
    Could it be the repeal of the sacred carbon tax that’s bringing out the zombies?

  5. Peter_Y says:

    If alarmists are having a tough year (or several tough years) this quote would seem to be very relevant :-
    “When [Kepler] found that his long cherished beliefs did not agree with the most precise observations, he accepted the uncomfortable facts. He preferred the hard truth to his dearest illusions. That is the heart of science.” – Carl Sagan

  6. richard says:

    and the definitive indication of a good climate, agriculture around the world is leading to bumper crops.

    even Africa is pulling ahead in this area.

    a good read,

  7. DennyOR says:

    I predict that the “environmentalists” will start to lose interest in “global warming” since they seem to be getting socialism without the need for it.

  8. Frederick Michael says:

    By the way, it takes a little scrounging around to figure out what the drought tables (and maps) mean. The basic legend is in terms of the percentiles for total rainfall (relative to what is observed locally):

    0-2% — exceptional
    2-5% — extreme
    5-10% — severe
    10-20% — moderate
    20-30% — abnormally dry

    OK, that seems simple enough but there’s a complicating factor. There are two kinds of drought, short term and long term, but in a single map an area’s status is labeled as the worst of the two. Thus, one would expect the area labels exceptional to be 2-4% of the total, on average.

    At least that’s how they do it here:

  9. Dave says:

    CO2 caused by man comprises only 1% of that which is produced by nature itself. If that is the cause, and we are now producing more man-made CO2 than ever before, why has the earth actually cooled in the last 15 years? Because man is not causing any warming. Contrary to the alarmists predictions of such huge warming forecasts, the earth has warmed only 1 degree in the last 150 years. THat is within normal and natural changes through earth’s history. Antarctica has 90% of the earth’s ice. While the North Pole has only 3-5% of the earth’s ice and is slightly decreasing, ice in Antactica, which has 90% of the ice, is increasing.

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