Eight Years Ago

The last major hurricane to hit the US was Wilma in October, 2005. It was also the last hurricane to hit Florida.

Nine years (2014) is by far the longest period on record without a hurricane landfall in Florida.

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9 Responses to Eight Years Ago

  1. All the missing hurricanes are going to the bottom of the ocean.

  2. bullright says:

    Globul warming matters, global Jihad not so much.

  3. chris y says:

    The unprecedented hurricane drought here in Florida has led to unprecedented impacts on homeowner insurance rates. They have only doubled in 8 years. Insurance agents argue that since property values have doubled since 2005, the insurance rate per unit value has actually decreased, which insurance agents apparently think is perfectly consistent with property values actually dropping by up to 50% since the market peak in 2007.

    Fortunately, the Biggert-Waters Federal flood insurance reform act will force people living in Florida’s flood-prone areas to pay much higher premiums than those outside of flood zones. Flood insurance rates are poised to go up a factor of ten for some homeowners, thanks to Florida’s recent flood of hurricane-free years.

    The Biggert-Waters flood insurance bomb will crush the real estate market, collapsing property values further, resulting in reduced flood insurance premiums that are only five times higher than in 2012. Good news all around then!

  4. Flood assurance is better than flood insurance. Live in a steel house on 20 foot stilts.

  5. Kent says:

    While I agree the storms have been fewer, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast in 2008. Trust me it was major.

  6. Bob Greene says:

    The east coast has also had few major storms since 2005. Irene (2011) cut one of the NC barrier islands (Portsmouth) in half, leaving a new channel, and Sandy (2012). Sandy wasn’t a hurricane by windspeed or location when it came ashore, but is generally counted as a major storm. It’s been pretty quiet and seems to negate the increased frequency and devestation we are supposed to have with all this unprecedented global warming.

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