How Will They Pull Off The Next Big Cover Up?

Obama’s Pravda News Network covers up all scandals for him, as well as any actual science related to to climate – but it is going to be harder for them to cover up the Obamacare disaster since it directly affects every taxpayer in America. They will have to get very creative.

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10 Responses to How Will They Pull Off The Next Big Cover Up?

  1. tom0mason says:

    They’ll blame it on Bush.

  2. Blatantly, and with ever more feverish eyes, for those who can see.

  3. Ernest Bush says:

    None of the above. As it fails and insurance companies go out of business because Americans can’t afford the “affordable healthcare” the Democrats will offer up their next great solution, a single payer system, with the government as the star. Then they can continue on their merry way, the stupid children of the stupid, arrogant, Hippy culture, to finally destroy America and its decent culture. Then their dream of Utopia can be realized. Except it will be a nightmare for the entire world.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      The “mainstream” media will simply divert attention elsewhere for a period while the thing is rammed through. Its what they are doing for the low-information voters right now, after all.

  4. Paul in Sweden says:

    As long as the ObamaCare supporters remain exempt from ObamaCare and only those opposed to ObamaCare remain subject to ObamaCare, nothing will happen.

  5. Shazaam says:

    Watch for “Hilliarycare” to come crawling outta the grave!!!!

  6. GoneWithTheWind says:

    The obvious answer is they want a economic collapse.

  7. Hugh K says:

    “How Will They Pull Off The Next Big Cover Up?”
    Demedia, the artists formerly known as journalists, will ask Obama what the coolest thing about being Prez is and their mindless audience will sit breathlessly waiting for his answer. Immediately following, the talking head will be awarded a plum position at big government.

  8. D. Self says:

    The massive premium increases (Tax increases) will just be another blow to any economic recovery. Actually the crazy libs don’t like economic growth they like to redistribute wealth and reward their followers. Hell the almost $4000 dollar increase in premiums I will see next year puts a big dent in my budget. Damn all Liberals

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