Shock News : Greenland Has Been Cooling For 70 Years

Since 1940, however, the Greenland coastal stations data have undergone predominantly  a cooling trend. At the summit of the Greenland ice sheet the summer average temperature has  decreased at the rate of 2.2◦C per decade since the beginning of the measurements in 1987. This  suggests that the Greenland ice sheet and coastal regions are not following the current global warming  trend

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8 Responses to Shock News : Greenland Has Been Cooling For 70 Years

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Typo Correction:
    “…are not following the imaginary global warming trend.”
    There. All good now.

  2. Kepler says:

    Looks like the winter rules will stay in effect on the golf course for a while longer.

  3. Don says:

    Nothing to see here, move along, move along………

  4. fridayjoefriday says:

    Well, only till NASA-GISS, start fornicating with the temperature records, then watch those temps raise. With NASA-GISS, there always a heat wave cumming.

  5. It is I only says:

    Damn! Damn! Damn!
    Saint Al of the Gore

  6. bobmaginnis says:

    Steve, isn’t it disingenuous to post a dozen year old paper that avoids recent warming? Try more recent info such as:

  7. Does this report account for the massive increased scaling of geo-engineering in recent years? Just curious.

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