A Real Life Hero Among Us

Jerry Gorline says:
October 19, 2013 at 11:40 am

Hi Stephen, Thank you for your stellar analyses. I share your results with my branch. I work for the NWS and of course, I am surrounded by liberal scientists who have turned off their critical analysis cap. I shared your link to the NASA satellite imagery of western Greenland. Got some irrational comments from colleagues but when confronted with the facts they backed down. I have won every argument posted to the NWS Climate Forum. But the powers that be accused me of being inconsiderate and disrespectful. When I threatened to go up the chain-of-command, they backed down. It’s a matter of discussing scientific positions freely and without fear.

It’s really sad though, many NWS employees endorse my arguments in email but are afraid to post because they are afraid of retaliation. And other (younger) colleagues on the forum try to compose a rebuttal don’t really know the basics of the art of argument. They beg for my dogmatic acceptance of some higher authority and just regurgitate what they learned in college. They really don’t think they know how to think critically any more. I brought up Benghazi (argument from authority) and they pretty much-shut up. We still don’t know who executed the stand-down order. I guess we will never know. Please keep fighting the good fight. I think this will be a hell-of-a-winter in the East, 2013/14.




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23 Responses to A Real Life Hero Among Us

  1. Andy DC says:

    I know quite a few NWS employees,, some active, some retired. They are all great guys. They are not alarmists and not skeptics. I guess you would say questioning, at least in their private discussions. But there is a lot fear about bucking the establishment very hard.

    In the DC area, we have had some awful summers and mild snowless winters lately. We all know DC os not the globe, but anecdotally they feel there is some evidence,

  2. bubbagyro says:

    I am a scientist who had an education steeped in Aristotelian logic, then statistics. This is before we even get to make an hypothesis. These are the cornerstones of science and the scientific method. I don’t think most students have even heard these subjects named, much less studied.

  3. Andy DC says:

    The past summer had only one miserably hot week in the DC area. The rest of the summer was relatively pleasant.

    The summers 2010-2012 were unusually hot, though it was probably a bit exaggerated by National Airport”s thermometer siting.

  4. Edmonton Al says:

    It is so encouraging to see that people like Jerry, will face the sheeple.
    Mind you, they may be worried about job security, and I can’t blame them.
    Keep up the good work Jerry. And thanks to you Steven for your endless expose
    of the fraudulant claims of the UN IPCC and all the Alarmists..

  5. I feel like I’m in the lunch room at ExxonMobil and everybody is watching the No Spin Zone. Bunch of stinking deniers.

    • Wyguy says:

      Wow! Who crapped in your Cheerios this morning? Stinking? Do you go around sniffing bicycle seats?

    • Sean says:

      Ms. Wright, please understand something that is absolutely fundamental, Exxon Mobil is on your side. When coal gets shut down, its going to be replaced by natural gas and Exxon Mobil is the global leader. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1395411-exxon-mobil-corporation-is-the-profitable-investment-in-natural-gas The only folks in denial are the folks against fossil fuel that don’t realize they are patsies for XOM.

      • rw says:

        Yes, in fact, all you have to do is visit their web sites – or pay attention to their full-page ads – to see what side they’re on. But this appears to be beyond the powers of people like Morgan Wright.

        Such people seem incapable of processing information from the external world. For them it’s all a matter of reading from some pre-assigned script. And re-reading. And re-reading …

    • John Greenfraud says:

      “And other (younger) colleagues on the forum try to compose a rebuttal don’t really know the basics of the art of argument.”
      Your sophomoric response only confirms Jerry’s statement. Mindless under-educated drones churning out repetitive drivel.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Perhaps you’ve spent too much time at Huff Po and watching Rachel Maddow… try examining the evidence put forth here rather than calling names and critiquing it as just “deniers”….

      Ignoring all this information which counters Apocalyptic Global Warming Theory makes you the denier…. Try thinking…

  6. Blade says:

    Definite hero!

    I think this will be a hell-of-a-winter in the East, 2013/14.

    Speaking of that, did you see this Steve …

    Winter forecast: East to start mild but end snowy, cold – USA Today

    Snow lovers in the eastern U.S. may have to wait until February to see much of the white stuff, according to the 2013-14 winter forecast released today by private forecasting firm AccuWeather.

    At the same time, most of the West will see the opposite weather pattern: A cold and snowy start — which could be good news for drought-plagued California — followed by a warmer end to the winter. Meanwhile, the north-central states should slog through a typically cold and stormy season.

    After a couple of shots of chilly air in November, “we should see temperatures in December some 3-4 degrees above average in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic,” AccuWeather meteorologist Jack Boston said.

    Most of January should also be a bit warmer than average, he said, before the weather turns frigid and snowy in February. Boston predicted that February will be favorable for big snowstorms and nor’easters along the East Coast.

    We have to give him credit for courage though because that is an unambiguous forecast which is highly falsifiable !

  7. Doug Proctor says:

    My partner this morning asked how the climate change blogging was going. I had to say that both sides have cemented their positions and are no longer talking to each other at all. Morgan Wright (above) would have been an example of what I was saying.

    I just saw a David Suzuki article on how climate change creates exteme weather, just after I looked at stats on WUWT that exteme weather, i.e. tornadoes, hurricanes etc. are at a mid-term low and show nothing unusual outside of longer-term natural variation. Our opposing positions are so polarized, I wonder why I bother at all with being engaged in the conversation – until I smack myself and recall that CAGW affects me and my grandchildren through the pocketbook AND the moral outrage of hypocrites getting powerfully wealthy through inordinate threats and misdirection.

    Critical thinking and the importance of thinking-things-through: these should be required subjects in high school. But they wouldn’t be, because the liberal-eco-green recognize that facts can trump ideology, and as Chumbawumba (the band) said on their big album, “Tubthumper”, “Bollocks – people matter!”.

    When matters of the heart are given greater value than the pragmatic aspects of life and liberty, we end up with totalitarians who determine what we do, think and say: for them it is the “social good” that counts, not truth, but their definition of “social” rarely includes others outside their personal circle.


    • Katabasis says:

      “I just saw a David Suzuki article on how climate change creates exteme weather, just after I looked at stats on WUWT that exteme weather, i.e. tornadoes, hurricanes etc. are at a mid-term low and show nothing unusual outside of longer-term natural variation.”

      – This is the part that now, frankly, just boils my piss. Many such hysterical claims continue to be made unchallenged by supposed authorities despite the fact that they are easy to falsify through publicly available data and documents. I’m particularly thinking here of just how far away the official IPCC position is from may of the alarmists screeds I continue to see (extreme weather being a great example).

  8. Phil Jones says:

    Whenever I drop a link from this site onto the Huff Po…. Replies never read the piece nor look at what’s presented… Instead I would get called names like “Denier”, stupid, and they criticize/critique this site as simply non-scientific, a denier blog…. Record low acres burned, record low storm activity a 15 year pause and a huge growth in Sea Ice are for the most part ignored .. The response is name calling.

    Unfortunately folks are just too entrenched in their view and can’t be persuaded to even LOOK at info counter to their notion… Eventually my account there got revoked again…

    • Karl W. Braun says:

      Not a guarantee, but sometimes you’ll get better results if links can come directly from NASA, NSIDC, etc.

      • Katabasis says:

        That’s true but then I find the response tends to be something like:

        “Oh, only *experts* can understand that data, just who do you think you are, stupid prole, daring to interpret the chicken scratchings for us!?”

  9. Jerry Gorline says:

    Thank you Steven, didn’t expect my own thread. You are too kind. This reminds me a song by Klaatu, “True Life Hero.” Some people thought it was ‘The Beatles’ but turned out to be a rumor. And thanks to everybody for the kind words. I am honored to be a member of the rebel alliance, just a bit frustrated. Don’t like advocacy masquerading as science (IPCC AR5, RCP 8.5, significance: two standard deviations from the ensemble mean)?!

    I tried to post a rebuttal to the flawed Marcott study and Michael Mann’s so-called “Medieval Warming Anomaly” but my posts never made it to the forum, technical difficulties, I was told. I would pay good money to see an open debate between Joe Bastardi and Dr. Michael Mann, and donate the proceeds to PSU’s meteorology department. All I can say is be relentless, be honest, and don’t be afraid to speak out about things that matter. [1]

    Best Regards,

    1. Martin Luther King, Jr. (paraphrase)

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