Doesn’t Meat Come In Pretty Pink Packages?

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People like Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg don’t understand the first thing about places like Colorado, and have no business interfering with our lives.


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13 Responses to Doesn’t Meat Come In Pretty Pink Packages?

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    ot .Los Angeles Times endorses censorship with ban on letters from climate skeptics

  2. @NJSnowFan says:

    I have hunted since I was 10.
    I have always respected wildlife and do try to use most of any animal I harvest. I also butcher most of the game I harvest and what’s left return to nature during the winter months when food is scarce and the flyers are not out. Sounds weird freezing/saving bones and scaps of deer I harvest and feed the predators & scavengers in the winter. It is much better then putting it in the garbage going to some land fill. Many types of birds love getting a little free protein in the winter.

    • @NJSnowFan says:

      Should say many tapes of birds love getting some well needed protein and fat when food like insects are scarce.
      Back to nature as I say it.

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    The cities which lubricate the entire capital financing machinery behind economic development run on the creative fuels of promiscuity and recreational drugs, but middle American Republicans have traitorously rebelled against the self-evident right to pursue happiness, so the low IQ ghetto now bases its economy on pimping and dirty drug dealing due to artificially inflated profit margins, violently enough to require active gun control since professional and thus highly influential women in tube dresses and heals do not desire to gunfight gangs and other hardened criminals.

  4. SMS says:

    Most of the people living on the front range don’t understand Colorado! But they moved here from California.

  5. Brian D says:

    Venison. YUM! Rifle season for deer in 3 weeks here in MN. Can taste those backstraps already.

  6. MikeTheDenier says:

    In Greenville NC (my hometown) hunters help feed the needy

    Greenville meat processor helps to fill food bank shelves

    GREENVILLE, N.C. — A meat processor is simplifying its process for donating deer to food banks as the 2013 hunting season begins.

    Acre Station Meat Farm in Pinetown is partnering with Hunters for the Hungry for a third year to process deer meat for a local food pantry.

  7. Olaf Koenders says:

    Why love one but eat the other? Because one isn’t full of delicious bacon 😉

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