February 6, 1851 – One Fourth Of Victoria Burned In A Single Day

Geelong Advertiser 19 February 1851

ScreenHunter_1662 Oct. 19 10.40

19 Feb 1851 – PORTLAND.

Twelve million acres and a million head of cattle burned in one day. CO2 was at very safe levels in 1851.


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6 Responses to February 6, 1851 – One Fourth Of Victoria Burned In A Single Day

  1. Andy DC says:

    It was no doubt burned by Exxon/Mobile and the Koch brothers in order to fuel paranoia among angry, racist white male deniers, deperately clinging tot thier guns and their religion.

  2. Aard Knox says:

    These fires came about a decade after white settlers had taken over huge areas of land formerly burned on a fairly regular basis by the Aborigines that the whites had displaced.
    The combination of abundant fuel and a typical summer high pressure area was all it took.
    After more than 160 years of disastrous wildfires following good rains, Australia still has not learned that if you control the fuel you have a good chance of controlling the fire.
    Noisy green idiots now prevent fuel reduction strategies and we reap what we have sown.

  3. stephen says:

    The town of Belfast mentioned in the clip is now known as Port Fairy and it is hundreds of miles east of Mt Gambier. As recently as last year Mt Richmond(Portland) and nearby bush had a large fire.

  4. Larry Fields says:

    I’d like to follow up on Aard Knox’s comment. If you don’t have controlled burns in all of the Victorian ‘bush’ every 3 years, the predictable mega-fires produce more crispy critters than with a rational fire management strategy. This puts endangered species of wildlife at higher risk. It’s a clear case of ‘Environmentalists’ vs the environment.

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