Obama’s National Park Service Director Is A Superstitious Moron

Climate change: Here and now at national parks

Jarvis has made it clear as head of the federal agency there is no higher priority than climate change on his agenda.

Everything is different, he told his staff at a meeting on his first day. From now on, the single most important issue facing the National Park Service is, and will forever be in your lifetimes, climate change.

At Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state, one of the oldest national parks in the U.S., operations for more than a century were built upon a predictable weather pattern.

Heavy snows would begin to fall in autumn. The snow would grow thicker through winter until it packed 25 feet deep.

In the spring, rain would replace the snow, and the snow pack would act like a giant sponge, soaking up all the water until the warm summer months would melt them all and fuel the rivers below.

But by the time current National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis was appointed superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park in 1999, things had started to change.

The rain wouldn’t wait its turn, falling early in autumn when the snow pack was only a few feet thick. The snow couldn’t handle or hold the sudden soaking. Floods became a problem.

Then, in November 2006, devastation struck. A slow-moving weather system called the “Pineapple Express” hovered over the state. In less than 36 hours, 18 inches of rain fell on the mountain.

The resulting flood was devastating. It washed out roads, knocked out power, took out campgrounds. One campsite called Sunshine Point had been there for a century, but the flood scoured it down to the bedrock. The park closed to the public for seven months.

The National Park Service already was well aware that things were changing worldwide, not just in their parks. Glaciers were receding. Wildfires were burning longer and hotter. Vegetation was growing at altitudes unheard of before. And, yes, temperatures were getting warmer.

Climate change: Here and now at national parks | Lansing State Journal | lansingstatejournal.com

There is nothing the National Parks can do to affect the climate, and the entire basis of his belief system is superstition and ignorance. Mt Rainier has always had autumn floods. Jarvis is a true believer – with an empty head.

ScreenHunter_1688 Oct. 20 10.51

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ScreenHunter_1685 Oct. 20 10.14

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ScreenHunter_1686 Oct. 20 10.17

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This imbecile says that Washington is warming, but temperatures In Washington State have been declining for the past 25 years.

ScreenHunter_1687 Oct. 20 10.23

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

Obama has surrounded himself with people even stupider than he is – if that is possible.

h/t to Tom Nelson

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12 Responses to Obama’s National Park Service Director Is A Superstitious Moron

  1. Gamecock says:

    “The park closed to the public for seven months.”

    Oh my!

    Sunrise is closed now. It will reopen in late June, 2014. Lemme see . . . 8 months from now. Happens every year.

  2. Don says:

    Clinton and in his turn Obama are loading the bureaucracy with these fascists. Bush did little to root them out. Imagine surviving 24 years of Clinton – Bush – Obama. Barely for America, and if amnesty becomes law we will not survive the influx of tens-of-millions more of illiterates who will vote Democrat.

    What does Obama call illegal aliens? Unregistered Democrats.

  3. gator69 says:

    Without climate change, Yosemite and Glacier would be two very uninteresting places. What a complete moron.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Are donk warmists adherents to some kind of Donk semi-intelligent design?

    If I follow their ‘LOGIC” the natural climate would always be peachy keen and perfect for all of man’s desires for it. The weather would naturally be at optimum convenience for man’s endeavors and could never naturally diverge from that unless evil capitalists caused it to do so. These people are sick in the head.

  5. Blade says:

    Obama has surrounded himself with people even stupider than he is – if that is possible.

    Theoretically possible, but highly unlikely.

  6. The Iconoclast says:

    Shameless. But like Ehrlich, his failures, rather than damning him, will be lauded.

  7. Jeff says:

    The dopey new head of the Department of Interior, which includes the NPS, said she did not want any deniers in her agency. Geez Louise. I had to laugh a couple of years ago when the park service had to count carbon molecules and my park came up high because we are a mountain park and we have to plow the snow. My superintendent was freaking out because we were way too high in CO2 and it made us look bad. Whatever, dude, chill out, we’re the park service. In the end, the NPS is pretty impudent when it comes to these things. We will wave our hands in the air with troubled expressions on our faces but we really can’t do much but write another planning document. Luckily, we don’t impose regulations or otherwise harass the public in the park service, not withstanding the shameful behavior from the shutdown. If it makes y’all feel any better those of us in the parks just shrug this nuttiness off.

  8. I call it willful stupidity . Obama is undeniably very bright . It’s just that subjugation of the masses requires requiring stupidity .

  9. pat says:

    Well that and harassing citizens.

  10. jbird says:

    I’ve been to quite a few national parks in recent years from Mt. Rainer and Yosemite to Acadia. You can’t take a single guided tour without the guide talking about “global warming” or “climate change.” I finally realized that it is national park policy to indoctrinate people with this theory. I object to my tax dollars being used in this way.

  11. Bill says:

    So to this end, a Cheeseburger purchased in a National Park will go up in price from $7 to $12, to offset the damage caused by HCF (Hamburger Carbon Footprint).

  12. Harpo says:

    Hey… I’ve worked with these pseudo scientific lefty morons… they aren’t stupid they are just different… the groupie girls who wanna meet “Jesus” (or the green equivalent), the retired couple who want to leave their mark… and the sleazy guy who wants to befriend an ugly… sorry… aesthetically challenged… girl in the hope of nailing one of her good looking friends…they aren’t stupid… at worst they are misguided… (actually the ugly girl strategy can really pay off)

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