1912 Shock News : Huge NSW Fire Occurred – In September

Climate experts say that the October fires this year are due to something called “climate change” – yet a century ago they were having huge fires a month earlier.

ScreenHunter_1707 Oct. 21 07.54


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2 Responses to 1912 Shock News : Huge NSW Fire Occurred – In September

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    surprisingly they have mentioned prior fires similar in the 60s.
    but the Mega Fire copied from usa is being touted by our idiot media.
    and the warmists are out in force.
    never mind homes built surrounded by eucalypts and dense scrub UNgrazed. by law.
    many more areas taken as national parks than ever before.
    better to clear some areas and graze some shrubbery than to lose the dam lot to fire.
    but greentards dont see it that way.
    most of em dont live there.

  2. tom0mason says:

    What is forgotten is that this fire is in an area that has had major fires before. And yes they have had a fire this big in living memory, about 30 years ago.


    What has annoyed me is hearing, on some radio stations (including the BBC) over the weekend, the usual parade of babbling idiots saying that this was climate change; this is the effects of CO2; this is the new normal for the area, etc., etc.


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