Drudge Says Sydney To Burn

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Sydney, New South Wales Weather Forecast from Weather Underground

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7 Responses to Drudge Says Sydney To Burn

  1. Bone idle says:

    Tomorrow the Sydney area temperature will be around 33 degrees C. Wind gusts will be around 100 kilometers per hour (60mph).
    It’s the wind that causes the grief – not the temperature.

    Large fires create their own fire storms which move at frightening speed. Dresden was an example of a city fire storm.

    Australia is a very high risk bush fire country. If you choose to build and live in a fire prone area – you have to live with it.
    The Australian state of Victoria has the worst bushfire potential of any western country. At the moment the weather in Victoria is quite cool and wet. The risk period is late January to March.
    The state of Victoria is larger in area than the area of the U.K.
    In 1939 half of the state burned. The fire storm, wind and smoke was so intense that the smoke trail lifted up and crossed the 100 mile sea strait between Victoria and Tasmania and started fires in the latter.
    In 1983, 6000 house were destroyed around the Melbourne area. A friend of mines house was destroyed. The fire storm that went through his area was so hot and intense that afterwards there was no evidence left behind that there had ever been houses built there.

    • Andy DC says:

      So fires in Australia are nothing new and should not be blamed on AGW. Thanks for setting the record straight.

      • Bone idle says:

        In 1939 the Victorian bush fires burnt from the top of the state to the bottom. At the time the population of the capital city was around a million. The Population is now 4.28 million. The 1939 fires burned through areas that are now suburban Melbourne. Those areas are mow green leafy suburbs with many trees as Andy described below – Eucalyptus. I’ve seen Eucalyptus trees explode into fire during a bushfire.

        In 2009 there were another serious series of bush fires just to the north of Melbourne. 400 people were killed and hundreds of houses destroyed. There were three days in a row with temperatures over 45 degrees c (115 F) and winds of up to 120kilometers per hour (75 mph).
        During the second day the main fire was heading towards the northern and eastern suburbs as I wrote just above. There was a fortunate wind shift the changed the fire direction. Towns were destroyed and many lives lost however if the wind hadn’t changed direction there was the potential that tens of thousands of suburban houses and countless lives lost.

        Just last week in suburban Sydney a fire started in a carpark. Hundreds of cars were destroyed. A combination of heat, wind and the fact that most cars now have 30% plastic parts contributed to amazing T.V. footage. The insurance bill for this fire is staggering.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Eucalyptus trees produce eucalyptus vapour (it’s how the Blue Mountains get their name) which is explosive, especially in warm weather.
      The fire triangle requires fuel (eucalyptus vapour, oil and timber), oxygen (air) and an ignition source (children and other brain dead idiots with matches).
      Andy DC is correct – fire in Australia is nothing new and in fact required to regenerate the Australian forests. Alarmists and the MSM need catastrophe as their raison d’terre.

      • Rosco says:

        I used to watch significant areas of bushland burn every year in November in Brisbane’s dry springs times when I was a kid.

        It is why they banned fireworks – who in their right mind celebrates Guy Fawkes in November in Australia ?

  2. tom0mason says:

    Drudge prediction, nearly as powerful as sending Gore there.

  3. anthonyvioli says:

    It was actually 173 people that died as I live here. Fire came within 2 kilometres of our property, we are in suburban Melbourne on the outskirts in the rural area.
    If the greeny leftards don’t want to let us do fuel reduction what do you think will happen on a day when we had 100km/hr winds with -20C dewpoints and 46C?
    If pyromaniacs go around lighting fires what do they expect to happen?
    2009 was a ticking time bomb after a long period of drought and no fuel reduction when the greens stopped cattle grazing freely in the high country years before.

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