How Many Lies Can A Person Pack Into One Sentence?

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4 Responses to How Many Lies Can A Person Pack Into One Sentence?

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    OT Steve,
    Do you have a tip page?
    Neven, Blocked me from posting the other day.

    Nevens blog is like living a lie. C02 and only C02 is the

    • Neven’s heart was broken by all that ice.

      • @njsnowfan says:

        Funny how Neven still has not looked further into the AMO.
        Nevens post from the other day..
        I’ve always kept the AMO as a possible reason for a slowdown/stall/turnaround in the rapid downward trend, but never saw any convincing evidence. This is something I want to (finally ) look into more this winter and write about.

        One other note, Neven is a woman? Mrs Neven to be exact..

        as the long-suffering Mrs Neven is reported to call them.,611.0.html

        Funny my post that got me the boot
        Name calling just shows the true nature of a person. I don’t prefer to play that childish game.
        We are all human beings and I would think civilized conservations can take place without the name calling.
        Call me what you want if you want to play that game, I call my self a realist and someone that can view both sides of situations not only in life but with climate and weather. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be case with many people when it comes to C02. If C02 was the only cause to Arctic ice decrease in the last 30 years then why has Antarctica experienced the most ever sea ice extent on record and Sea Ice AREA is making new daily records for this time of year.

        Everony that believes C02 is the ONLY cause of Arctic Ice melt over the past 30 years is wrong with my findings. Like I have said before there are many puzzle pieces to what has been going on.
        As many do know there are types of cycles with the sun, oceans and different patterns like the NAO, AAO , PNA and southern hemisphere AAO.

        If it OK with NEVEN I would like to post a bunch of info and links that would show connection between the AMO and how it has played a roll in the decline in the Arctic sea ice since it went positive and has been is a warm phase since then.

        If I am wrong about there being more then one puzzle piece to the Arctic sea ice decline then I will be happy to be called what ever you want.

        NEVEN added this part to my post.

        [Okay, the game ends here. You’re complaining about name calling, but don’t have a problem with implying that hardworking scientists are manipulating data. How’s that for ‘guilty until proven innocent’? Provoking/trolling is one thing, but to then whine when people react to that, is really something I can’t stand. The oscillation between being nice and inserting denialist talking points ends here.

        You can send the links to my mail address, and I’ll have a look to see if there’s anything useful there. Links can be to untrustworthy sources as well, if you like.

        So long and thanks for all the fish;


  2. Pathway says:

    How Many Lies Can A Person Pack Into One Sentence? It is only dependent on the number of words in the sentence.

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