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Urgently Need Programmers!

The US government is in urgent need of programmers to quickly rewrite Obamacare. Excellent benefits, including sloppy unsupervised working conditions,  the opportunity to obtain backdoor access to millions of bank accounts, and unprecedented opportunities at identity theft. Work credential requirements … Continue reading

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1895 Springtime Drought And Bush Fires Devastated NSW

14 Sep 1895 – DROUGHT AND BUSH FIRES. NEW SOUTH WALES DEVASTAT… CO2 was 295 PPM at the time.

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Preview Of Upcoming Obama Speech

Thanks to the great benevolence of your Dear Leader, the evil Republicans have been slain. Sadly, the unnecessary government shutdown has forced us to delay the introduction of beloved universal healthcare. Vote Democratic in the next election, so that Republicans … Continue reading

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Al Gore Shortened Winter Update

Public Information – NOAA’s National Weather Service Twitter / algore: #Climate change is causing … h/t to Andy DC

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NSA Provides An Answer

Clapper says they were never doing the spying which they were doing before they stopped doing it. In the future, this spying which they were never doing, will never happen again. He also says that they will immediately know if … Continue reading

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Experts Locate The Source Of Obamacare Woes

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Obama’s Catastrophically Bad Presidency Gives Him A Big Bump In The Polls

Obama Approval Index History – Rasmussen Reports™

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