BBC Features Heroin Addict Calling For Massive Redistribution Of Wealth

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Speaking to Newsnight, he suggested that politicians were only interested in “serving the needs of corporations” and that an administrative system based on the “massive redistribution of wealth” should replace the status quo.

BBC News – Russell Brand: ‘I’ve never voted, never will’

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11 Responses to BBC Features Heroin Addict Calling For Massive Redistribution Of Wealth

  1. Fraggle says:

    He obviously would have loved living in the USSR, Cambodia, China during their attempts at massive wealth re-distribution by ‘administrators’…

  2. Chuck L says:

    What a loser, agree with Fraggle. Maybe Brand should move to Cuba, Bolivia, or Venezuela.

  3. It beats me why he even gets his views aired on telly.

    There again, it is the BBC we are talking about.

  4. Jeff says:

    Lets start wealth distribution with him and we”ll see how he wets his bed about that.

  5. omanuel says:

    Citizens of the formerly “Free West” are now hearing the same messages that enslaved the rest of the globe.

    Why? Why BBC? Why PBS, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times?
    Why the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society?

    Why the Swedish and Norwegian Nobel Prize Committees?

    The answer to those questions is the solution to society’s present demise.

    Oliver K. Manuel

  6. Jeffk says:

    Corporations are more representative of the people than gov’ts are. The voters vote with their wallets, can change brands on a dime, and not have to hope and wait for change much later if his candidate even wins. Only to be disillusioned again.

    • omanuel says:

      Capitalist and communists decided to cooperate to save themselves from the possibility of death by nuclear annihilation in 1945.

      The United Nations was formed on 24 Oct 1945 and the “science was settled” about the energy stored in cores of heavy atoms and stars in 1946.

      The rest of the story will be told in an autobiography, in progress, “A Journey to the Core of the Sun.”

  7. gator69 says:

    Corporations build wealth, turn out new products, foster innovation, and improve the lives of the people. I’ve never worked for a poor man. I want government to assist (get out of the way of) corporations, and we can care for the poor.

  8. John Q. Galt says:

    Pretty sensible to me.

  9. Don says:

    Corporations don’t force you to buy a product you don’t want to buy, or failing to buy fine you.

  10. Politicians generally serve their own interests, not the interests of a third parties, such as voters or corporations.

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