Climate Change Is Real – End The Denial

Climate experts like Mikey Mann tell us that the climate was stable prior to 150 years ago, but it is time for them to end the denial. Climate change is real and dramatic.

ScreenHunter_1811 Oct. 24 08.29

Tropical climate in the Antarctic: Palm trees once thrived on today’s icy coasts 52 million years ago


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12 Responses to Climate Change Is Real – End The Denial

  1. Dizzy Ringo says:

    of course there were palm trees – Antarctica was a lot further north then – haven’t they heard of continental drift?

  2. mkelly says:

    There are coal seams visible in the cliff faces.

  3. gator69 says:

    The real denialists have been at this for some time now…

    “The trajectories of these two concepts (“Medieval Warm Period” and “Medieval Climate Anomaly “) will be traced. A case will be made for the abandonment of both of them, on the grounds that they are inappropriate, uninformative, and that they very probably divert attention from more revealing ways of thinking about the Earth’s climate over the past two millennia.”

    This was from a conference held between 22 and 24 of September 2010, entitled “The Medieval Warm Period Redux: Where and When was it warm?”. It occurred in Portugal, and the Climategate club was there, among them Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Malcolm Hughes and Raymond Bradley.

  4. Pathway says:

    Just 13 million yrs ago the Green River Formation in Colorado had palm trees were a dominant species. This part of the world has moved very little in that short amount of time. Today that area is dominated by sage brush, pinyon pine and douglas fir.
    Must have been much warmer in the near past.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Green River formation is older than that isn’t it … on a quick look I found this. The fossil fish from the Green River Fm. near Fossil Butte Monument in Wyoming are among the finest to be found possessing exceptional preservation and quality. There were a series of great inland lakes during the Eocene (50 million years ago) covering SW Wyoming and surrounding areas.
      And this also … The Green River fossils date about 48 mya, but cover several million years, including the transition between the moist early Eocene climate and the slightly drier mid-Eocene.

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Michael Mann yesterday called out a thread on climate change led by “our” own NikFromNYC, saying it “smells like Koch.” Really. I say that in this thread Nik has done great work, and inspired the ire of the nutcase Mann. My wuwt comment:

    By the way, I’ve previously commented here for us skeptics to branch out and bring the argument to mainstream and science sites. And I specifically called out as a site for us to join and be heard.

    Guess what? Now Michael Mann is getting irked by skeptical comments on phys,org, and is clearly trying to get to join the likes of the LA Times in censoring skeptics.

    Michael Mann tweeted: Wow–the comment thread on this @physorg_com #climatechange piece sure smells like #Koch:

    Interesting, MMann has picked on a thread that atypically does have more skeptics than warmists, but usually it’s the opposite. Now I say join the fight at and elsewhere. Mann is aware of the “damage” we are doing, so he is making a cowardly squawk. If they go ahead and admit that they cannot meet us one on one in argument, and instead employ Gestapo censorship tactics to silence the opposing point of view, then we’ve won, and we she should make a lot of noise about it. And there’s reason to continue to highlight the LA Times decision to silence skeptics. Ultimately, these type of censorship decisions will boomerang, as the public at large will realize the abhorrent hypocrisy of the supposed free but leftist press, and even more of a spotlight will be put on the astonishingly weak case presented by the fear mongering Chicken Littles.

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