Sydney Almost As Warm As 100 years Ago

According to CRU, temperatures around Sydney have been declining for the past decade, and are not as warm as they were a century ago.

ScreenHunter_1803 Oct. 24 06.20

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3 Responses to Sydney Almost As Warm As 100 years Ago

  1. Andrew Bolt: “I’ve been struck by the insanity of the reaction in the media and outside, particularly linking the fires to global warming and blaming you for making them worse potentially by scrapping the carbon tax.”

    Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott: “I suppose, you might say, that they are desperate to find anything that they think might pass as ammunition for their cause, but this idea that every time we have a fire or a flood it proves that climate change is real is bizarre, ’cause since the earliest days of European settlement in Australia, we’ve had fires and floods, and we’ve had worse fires and worse floods in the past than the ones we are currently experiencing. And the thing is that at some point in the future, every record will be broken, but that doesn’t prove anything about climate change. It just proves that the longer the period of time, the more possibility of extreme events … The one in 500 year flood is always a bigger flood than the one in 100 year flood.”

  2. Identical temperature pattern in Adelaide (South Australia) too.
    Not much overheating here. We have had awesome rains as well this year, which will no doubt increase the risk of bush fire from all the new plant growth. Guess what it will probably be blamed on though. Sigh.

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